Transformers One Pushes Back Release Date to September 2024

Paramount has announced a delay in the release date of the upcoming animated movie Transformers One

The film, which will be helmed by Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley and feature Chris Hemsworth as the voice of a young Optimus Prime on Cybertron, was originally scheduled to hit theaters on July 19, 2024. 

According to Deadline, the new release date for Transformers One is September 13, 2024. Fans of the franchise will have to wait two more months to enjoy the animated adventure set on the home planet of the Transformers.

Transformers One Pushes Back Release Date to September 202
Transformers One

Transformers One will feature an impressive voice cast led by Hemsworth as Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots. Henry will voice Megatron, the main antagonist and leader of the Decepticons. 

Other Autobots in the film include Key as Bumblebee, Hamm as Sentinel Prime, and Johansson as Elita. Fishburne will also lend his voice to Alpha Trion, one of the oldest and wisest Transformers on Cybertron.

Transformers One has not revealed much about its plot, but it seems to focus on the events that led to the war on Cybertron, Megatron’s rise to power, and Optimus Prime’s formation of the Autobots. 

The film is also expected to be independent from the live-action film series, which will resume with Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in June. Therefore, it is hard to anticipate the direction and continuity of Transformers One.

Transformers One Pushes Back Release Date to September 2024
Transformers One

Transformers One aims to deliver a fresh and exciting adventure in the Transformers franchise, so the delay in its release date may be justified to ensure its quality. 

The film boasts a stellar voice cast featuring Hemsworth and Henry in the main roles, indicating its ambitious scope. With many details still unknown, Transformers One appears to be a significant new entry in the long-standing franchise.

About Transformers One

Transformers One is an in-development Transformers film set for release in 2024. It is being written by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, and will be directed by Josh Cooley.

Transformers One will be an animated prequel movie set on Cybertron[ and will revolve around the relationship between Optimus Prime and Megatron. The film is due for release on September 24, 2024. 

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