Top 15 Strongest Characters in Black Clover (2023), Ranked!

For a series like Black Clover, ranking characters on strength is more complex than usual as its hard to gauge their abilities since they are so diverse.

Power in Tabata’s universe is character-based, with strength reliant on individual characters’ narrative arcs and personal development more than their species, magic, or experience.

Here are the top 15 strongest characters in Black Clover, dated to the most recent manga chapter (chapter 361)!

Note:This list only contains the current strongest humans characters.

15. Hanegatsuji Jozo

Species- Human

Magical Powers- Wind Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Jozo unmasked | Source: Fandom

Hanegatsuji Jozo is one of the Ryuzen seven that trained Asta and is a stealthy ninja.

He is quite conservative and prefers to wear a mask and a stealthy outfit rather than a flashy outfit, as worn by Komari.

He used used “ Killing Kakara Blade” Wind spell and Zetten to slice up one of the heads of the five-headed dragon whom Asta defeated.

 His most notable feature is the Hannya mask which has an X shape near

his forehead.

14. O’oka Daizaemon

Species- Human

Magical Powers- Earth Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
O’oka Daizaemon | Source: Fandom

Daizaemon is one of the Ryuzen seven with a boisterous personality.

Daizaemon uses Earth magic to manipulate Earth. He can also use Zetten and release his pent-up ki as consequent punches.

He had used the “Giant King of Wisdom” spell coupled with Zetten to smash one of the heads of the five-headed dragon aiding Asta tremendously in defeating the dragon.

13. Kezoukaku Ginnojomorifuyu

Species- Human

Magical Powers- Snow Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Kezoukaku performing “Silver Fox in Blood-Dyed Robes,” a snow magic spell | Source: Fandom

Kezoukaku is one of the Ryuzen Seven and becomes an awesome bloodthirsty warrior when she draws out her katana.

She is as fast as lightning and can slash through enemies even before they react, and she can easily enhance her physical abilities with Zetten.

With the help of “Silver Fox in Blood-Dyed Robes,” a snow magic spell, she was able to aid Asta tremendously in defeating the five-headed dragon.

Such a feat makes her one of the most vital members of the Ryuxen seven.

12. Fuegoleon Vermillion X Salamander

Species- Human

Magical Powers- Fire Magic + Spirit Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Fuegoleon Vermillion | Source: Fandom

Fuegoleon is one of the most powerful and fearless characters in the whole series and strides into battle with a cool head.

He is of noble lineage and the captain of the Crimson Lion squad of the Magic Knights.

He possesses a rare form of magic, Spirit magic, where he can summon Salamander, a fire spirit that can produce fire hot enough to melt Nozel Silva’s Silver Spears and boil Noelle Silva’s Water Magic.

Apart from his immense magical powers, he is so strong that it took just a single punch to defeat the Apostle of Sephirah.

He is a master strategist and was able to defeat Rades Spirito during the invasion of the Clover Kingdom’s Royal Capital.

11. Ichika Yami


Magical powers- Dark Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Ichika Yami | Source: Fandom

Ichika Yami is one of the Ryuzen Seven of the Hino Country, a group of seven powerful mages in Hino Country.

She is the younger sister of  Yami Sukehiro and was introduced in Chapter 337 and belongs to the Land of Sun.

She is blessed with a rare magical attribute, Dark magic, which generates and manipulates the element of darkness under her control.

Since she is a member of the Ryuzen seven, she is able to use advanced ki-manipulation, like Zetten, which allows them to boost their magic power and physical strength temporarily.

In addition, she can manipulate her ki, which allows her to accelerate her speed and agility, allowing her to strike various opponents at once.

She can also increase her physical combat abilities and was able to defeat the three Paladins and slay the ancient five-headed dragon in Chapter 352.

10. Mereoleona Vermillion

Species- Human

Magical Powers- Fire Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Mereoleona Vermillion | Source: Fandom

Mereoleona has got to be more beast than human. I mean, even without the Fire Spirit Salamander, who chose her brother, she is among the most powerful fire mages alive.

Just thinking back to her battle against the elves makes me wanna give her a standing ovation. It was a 1v5, for crying out loud!

She’s one of the most proficient Mana Zone users, having taught a goat-like Yami. She’s literally a lioness, having defeated an ancient demon alone.

She stands up to Lucifero and refuses to back down, even punching him and later mocking him.

9. Other Angels

Species- Angels

Magical Powers- Supernatural Powers

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Guardian Angel | Source: Fandom

Lucius Zogratis created the Guardian angels by fusing “rebels” unfit to be part of the “New World.”

He created them to aid him and his Paladins in waging war against the Clover Kingdom and the world.

These humanoids possess supernatural attributes and inhumane strength, capable of taking out armies at once.

They have multiple magical elements, making them invincible and challenging even for Asta.

8. Musyogatake Yosuga

Species – Human

Magic – Iron Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Asta and Yosuga Mushogatake in battle | Source: Manga plus

Musyoga Yosua, also known as the “God of War,” is the strongest member of the Ryuzen Seven.

Yosuga posseses immense magical powers, which canwithstand the piercing Ice Magic spells from a Paladin.

He has superhuman strength and even knocked off a giant dragon’s head without effort.

Moreover, Yosuga can easily take down Partial Devil Union Asta, but he still dealt severe blows without even using Zetten.

His swordsmanship and proficiency in Taijutsu are said to surpass Yami Ichika.

7. Acier Silva

Species – Human x Devil

Magic – Steel Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Acier Silva | Source: Fandom

Acier Silva was known as the “Steel Valkyrie,” renowned for her proficiency in magic and unparalleled physical abilities.

Her prowess was even acknowledged by Mereoleona Vermillion, to whom Acier had an elemental disadvantage compared to Mereoleona’s Fire Magic.

She is a noblewoman of the Clover Kingdom’s House Silva. As a royal and former captain of a Magic Knights Squad, she possesses an immense amount of magic power..

Currently, she has been revived by Lucius as a Paladin and will be going against her children in the upcoming chapters, with simmering excitement among fans.

6. Morgen Faust x Lucifugus

Species – Human x Devil

Magic – Light Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Morgen Faust as a paladin | Source: Fandom

Lucius Zogratis revived Morgen Faust as one of his Paladins, and he was granted the powers of Lucifugus, a high-ranking devil responsible for his death.

Morgen undergoes a transformative change by harnessing the purified devil power, sprouting four horns from his head and two sets of wings. lines emerge along his neck, extending to his cheeks, while his clothes turn light blue.

With the devil’s powers, Morgen has achieved a nearly immortal body making him invincible in battle!

And the upcoming battle with his former senior Yami Sukehiro and twin brother Nacht Faust is quite anticipated.

5. Noelle Silva

Species – Human

Magic – Water Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Noelle Silva | Source: Fandom

Noelle has come a long way from a hesitant and insecure novice who couldn’t even control her Water Magic to a strong fighter served by the Water Spirit Undine herself. 

After losing Undine, we all thought Noelle’s overall power would go down by a LOT similar to Naruto after losing Kurama recently. However, Tabata pulled a fast one on us and gave Noelle something better than an elemental spirit.

Noelle is now the host of Sea God – Leviathan and she’s strong as f**k!

Even before Undine, during the Elf Reincarnation Arc, Noelle’s whole Sea Goddess thing showed us how immense her mana levels are.

Her Valkyrie Armor borrowed from one of her mother’s spells and enhanced her offense, defense, and mobility.

Noelle’s battle and victory against Vanica were quite emotional. When Megicula emerged, she didn’t back down either, eventually destroying her heart. Saint Stage Noelle is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

4. Sukehiro Yami

Species – Human

Magic – Dark Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Captain Yami | Source: imdb

Our favorite, Captain Yami, is one of those characters who entered the show powerful but has only grown mightier since. He is constantly surpassing his limits like his protégé, Asta.

Yami could take on Licht at full power early on. He uses Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox to slice the devil Zagred in half.

He is even able to defeat Captain Dorothy and shatter her Glamour World, which is a commendable feat.

Yami is a master swordsman and also possesses the ability to sense Ki, which gives him a sixth sense to perceive things others can’t.

Additionally, after the Qliphoth Advent Ritual, Yami gets a modified body structure comparable to Asta’s devil possession. He is overflowing with magic and is a legend, and I will fight whoever disagrees.

Also, Yami was able to fight the formidable Dante and, despite being heavily injured, deals some blows to the Demon King, Lucifero. None of the other Captains could do this, not even Mereoleona.

Recently, we discovered that Yami apparently massacred the whole of the Yami clan apart from his sister, Ichika.

Yami is supposed to be a samurai assassin in addition to a powerful mage. If he masters Zetten like his sister, his swordsmanship, Dark Magic, ki, and determination are to take him to the top.

3. Yuno Grinberryall x Sylph

Species- Human

Magical powers- Wind magic + Star magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Yuno wielding spirit magic spell | Source: Fandom

Yuno Grinberryall is the deuteragonist, having the role of Asta’s rival,  possesses two grimoires, and can deftly manipulate and control the wind. Moreover, he can even enhance his abilities thanks to Sylph!

Yuno holds the 5th Class Intermediate Magic Knight rank and later becomes the Vice Captain of the prestigious Golden Dawn squad and joins the Royal Knights Squads.

 Notably, Yuno serves as the vessel for Licht’s child.

In addition, he is blessed with the innate ability to sense and analyze mana, the magical energy that permeates their world, which gives him a significant advantage during battle.

Also, Yuno possesses a Four-Leaf Grimoire, which contains a powerful wind spirit named Sylph which enables him to access Spirit Dive, which enhances Yuno’s abilities, like boosting his power, increasing control over the wind, and the ability to use the unique spirit-based techniques.

2. Asta x Liebe

Species-Human x Devil

Magical powers- Anti-magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Asta x Liebe | Source: Fandom

Asta is the courageous and most persevering character and is driven by the will to never give up on becoming the Wizard King. He has beaten all odds time and time again in a world of magic where he possesses Anti-magic.

The source of Asta’s Anti-magic is a low-ranking demon, Leibe residing within Asta’s grimoire, the five-leaf clover.

Asta and Leibe share a firm bond and portray the central aspect of the series, painting the power of friendship, overcoming personal struggles, and inspiring each other.

Both of them together can access a powerful form called Devil Union Mode. Which significantly amplifies Asta’s strength, speed, and magical resistance.

The Devil Union mode makes them truly invincible to any human or demon!

1. Lucius Zogratis x Astaroth

Species – Human x Devil.

Magical powers– Soul Magic x Time Magic + Gravity Magic

Who are the Strongest Black Clover Characters?
Lucius Zogratis | Source: Fandom

Lucius Zogratis is the strongest character in the Black Clover series and serves as the host of the Time Devil, Astaroh. He even consumed his siblings and their respective devils, giving him Gravity, Bones, Blood, Spatial and Body magic – making him invincible.

Apart from the magical powers, he is a formidable foe with immense speed, physical strength, and genius intellect.

He is currently the Wizard king in the Clover Kingdom as Julis  Novachrono.

He aims to use the power of the devils to create a world where humans attain their “true” form and regenerate before near-death experiences.

 He also plans on defeating Asta and hence ranks the top as the most strongest and powerful Antagonist.

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About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in; and his foster brother Yuno who received the rare four-leaf grimoire and has more magic power than most people! With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.


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