Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!

Baki is known for its outrageously strong fighters and just compiling a list like this feels like a feat in itself.

All the characters in Baki are human – or, well, almost-human in the case of guys like Pickle and Jack to some extent – but their strength borders on being superhuman.

I had previously built a listicle of the strongest characters of the anime version, including the newest Son of Ogre series. In this list, I’m looking at the 15 strongest characters from the entire Baki universe – manga and anime.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from .

15. Doppo Orochi – The Man-Eater

Doppo Orochi used to be Mitsunari Tokugawa’s underground tournament champion before Baki won the title. He is the 10th dan grandmaster of Shinshinkai Karate and heads the school with over 50 years of martial arts experience.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Doppo Orochi | Source: Fandom

In his younger days, Doppo was a man-eater and tiger-slayer; he could even uproot trees. He is even undeterred in a fight with Yujiro Hanma. This is the same willpower that allows him to fight despite having his hand cut off (by Dorian) and eye mutilated (by Yujiro).

Doppo is a Karate purist and has multiple tricks up his sleeve. He is also the creator of his own Karate style, ShinShinKai Karate, along with Orochi-ryu Karate, a style unique to him.

14. Shibukawa Goki – The Strongest Judoka

Shibukawa Goki is one of the eldest and most revered fighters in Baki and is referred to as The Master throughout the series. He is 75 and has been training since the second World War.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Shibukawa Goki | Source: Fandom

He’s the primary character to use the jujutsu technique of Aiki, which utilizes the opponent’s strength against them. This is immensely useful because, of course, Goki is not going to compare with beasts like Pickle and Sukune when it comes to brute strength. In fact, Jack, Pickle, Baki, and Yujiro all learn and fight with this Aiki technique because it is so impactful.

Goki shows a really cool finger-grab move where he grabs just one finger of Mohammad Alai Jr to defeat him. He is also able to defeat Doppo, making his way as a finalist in the Maximum Tournament.

13. Guevaru Jun – The Strongest Pirate

Guevaru is described as “one of the three men alive more powerful than a machine gun”. Guevaru is a new character introduced in the recent Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre anime on Netflix. He is supposed to be a version of the infamous Cuban revolutionist, Che Guevara.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Guevaru | Source: Fandom

He is a former pirate and is one of the “free men” in the prison in Arizona, along with Oliva. Guevaru is an expert in the Mukakure-ryu Ninjutsu fighting style.

The coolest move Guevaru has displayed is his killer precision. He turns a strand of his hair into a needle and sticks it into an inmate’s ear, lacerating his cochlea and throwing him off balance.

12. Hanayama Kaoru – The Strongest Brawler

Hanayama only gets powerful towards the latter half of the manga series. In the anime we’ve seen him fight against the crazy death row inmate Spec and maintained his demeanor and stance for a good 5 minutes under his barrage of attacks. And after that, well, he plucks out Spec’s calf muscle like it’s nothing.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Hanayama | Source: Fandom

Hanayama is strong enough to leave Yujiro himself with a bloody nose. He catches Musashi’s knife between his knuckles and can even withstand his sword attacks. Pickle recognizes Hanayama as a worthy rival.

Hanayama’s physical strength is as much as a triceratops. He literally fought off a great white shark with his bare hands and crushed its brain – all while being underwater.

11. Katsumi Orochi – The Strongest Karateka

Katsumi is Doppo’s adoptive son and is among the Karate prodigies. He’s the 3rd dan of Shinshinkai Karate and is nicknamed “the lethal weapon” for his Karate skills.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Katsumi | Source: Fandom

In the Pickle Wars saga, Katsumi refines his Karate techniques with the help of Retsu and Kaioh Kaku. He develops his Mach Punch move to Mach Fist, which he uses in his fight with Pickle.

He has great endurance and strength – he’s fought despite having his arm totally mangled and skin burned off. The Hitless Blow is his ultimate move which he develops through Kaiou Kakus’s suggestion and uses it against Pickle 3 times. He turns his arm into a whip using extreme flexibility techniques; the attack is so fast that it creates a sonic boom that erodes his skin to the bone. After he loses his arm in the fight with Pickle, Retsu’s arm is sown into him.

10. Motobe Izo – The Weapons Master

Now, I admit Motobe isn’t physically the strongest guy in the manga, but it’s not all about brute strength in Baki.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Motobe | Source: Fandom

Motobe has a number of tricks up his sleeves that include poisoning, smoke bombs, aramid fiber-chain-mail armor, brass knuckles, and a variety of Japanese weapons. Some might think it’s cheating to use weapons and wear armor, but a fight is a fight.

Motobe defeats Miyamoto – although Miyamoto wasn’t fighting serious. He is also able to defeat Baki early on, and put up a good fight against Jack and Yujiro. Motobe practices his own style of jujutsu, along with kenjutsu.

9. Biscuit Oliva – Strongest Man in the United States

Oliva is the strongest man in the US and is called The Unchained because of his immense maniacal raw power. Oliva’s biggest feats are crushing Muhammad Alai Jr., the death row inmate Sikorsky, and Kaiou You and Shobun Ron in the Great Chinese Tournament.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Biscuit Oliva | Source: Fandom

In a fight with Guevaru, he punches him so hard that the GPS systems of the entire world start to malfunction. Oliva has such dense muscles that they can absorb a bullet from a shotgun at close range.

I wouldn’t say Olivia is a martial arts expert – in fact, far from it. But it’s like he almost doesn’t need it. His brute strength covers up for everything. He sends Baki flying through a steel door for crying out loud. He also has an inhuman muscle regeneration capability; he once heals bullet wounds just by eating some steak.

8. Jack Hanma – Strongest Man in Canada

Jack is Yujiro’s elder son and Baki’s step-brother. The guy is pumped on steroids and has also had multiple bone lengthening surgeries.  He is 8 feet and 200 kgs in the manga, making him the largest/tallest character in the series. 

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Jack Hanma | Source: Fandom

He’s had a ton of pit-fighting experience and is strong as hell because of his overtraining and determination. Even after Pickle bites his face off, Jack literally comes out of his coma and goes right back into the fight.

Jack is not only strong enough to kill a polar bear with his bare hands but has also demonstrated tactical genius during combat. He figures out a way to defeat Shibukawa despite the latter’s Aiki expertise. He is also able to attack Motobe using his teeth, which shatter in the process. But this only leads Jack to get them all replaced with titanium.

7. Nomi no Sukune II – Strongest Sumo Wrestler

Sukune is a fairly new character, but he stands out for his death grip. He can turn coal into diamond. Scientifically speaking, the minimum pressure required for diamonds to form is about 10GPa, which is about 100,000 times the normal atmospheric pressure.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Nomi no Sukune II | Source: Fandom

Remember Oliva’s densely stacked muscles? Yeah, well, Sukune crushes them to a pulp and breaks all his ribs with close to no effort. Sukune is ridiculously strong – he manages to stay upright even after being punched by Yujiro.

Sukune has only just marched into the latest arc of Baki-Dou. He’s a legend at Ancient Sumo like his father, and also has age on his side. I can’t wait to see more battles where Sukune literally squeezes the life out of his opponents.

6. Kaku Kaioh – Strongest Man in China

The least impressive thing about Kaku Kaioh is that he is close to 150 years old. He is known as the Supreme Grandmaster of Chinese Kenpo and is skilled in special techniques that allow him to fight despite his size and age.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Kaku Kaioh | Source: Fandom

He’s one of the only characters in the entire series that can stand toe-to-toe with Yujiro. He fought beautifully against him and even Yujiro was in awe of him. He is truly one of the greatest fighters to have ever lived.

Kaioh Kaku’s use of Shaori allows him to soak up powerful punches without being hurt, and also lets him pack enough power into his attacks to crack a concrete wall. If he’s this strong post a 100, imagine his power in his younger days.

5. Pickle – The Strongest Primate

Pickle is from the Jurassic era – a prehistoric death-machine who honestly cannot be considered the same species as the others.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Pickle | Source: Fandom

Pickle is half beast for sure, and his fights are all based on brute strength. He relies on his animal instincts and his attacks are quite literally savage. The fact that he’s so removed from current civilization is a pro for him, because fighters like Baki find it difficult to predict his unfamiliar moves.

He is slightly slow when it comes to learning modern techniques but he’s already seen performing some Aikido moves in his fight with Baki. In the manga, Pickle is able to almost match his strength with Yujiro, despite not being in his final form.

4. Yuichiro Hanma – Father of the Ogre

Yuichiro is the first Hanma – father of Yujiro and grandfather of Jack and Baki Hanma. He’s deceased but if he were alive, he might just be one of the two or three strongest characters on the show.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Yuichiro | Source: Fandom

For now, we have very little information about him, but from the feats that we know, Yuichiro easily deserves his place on the list. He was able to destroy 2000 American soldiers in WW2 using a single insanely powerful and unique technique called Dress. 

I really wish they bring him back from the dead, somehow; it would be interesting to see how the dynamics change in the Hanma family. It would also be really cool to see him battle it out with his family, as well as with skilled fighters like Miyamoto and Kaku.

3. Miyamoto Musashi – The Strongest Swordsman

This legendary samurai is the primary antagonist in Baki-Dou. The thing about Musashi is that he is equally lethal without his sword. He’s so strong that he was actually brought back to life by Sabuko to see how he’d fare against Baki, Yujiro, Pickle and the others.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Miyamoto Musashi | Source: Fandom

With his bare hands, he can split through 8 full bodies and cut a revolver in two like it’s nothing. With his samurai sword, he is seen breaking through Motobe’s aramid fibre-chain-mail armor, and even the dinosaur-like Pickle. Musashi crushes Oliva and even kills Retsu with one slash.

The only catch with Musashi is that he is too stuck in the past. He is unfamiliar with most modern techniques and martial arts and is useless to stop underhand technique like a kick in the balls. But he is the creator of Ninten Ichiryu and can destroy small armies. I think if his fight with Baki had gone on, he could have dominated him. Musashi did ridiculously well, considering he didn’t even have his sword.

2. Baki Hanma – The Strongest Man

Baki, son of Ogre, is the protagonist of the manga, and makes for a worthy #2 on this list. What’s most impressive is that Baki was pretty weak at the start but now, no one compares to his strength except his father.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Baki Hanma | Source: Crunchyroll

Yujiro, after their epic fight at the end of the third series in Hanma Baki, himself admits that Baki should be considered his equal. After Baki activates his demon back, he is actually able to inflict pain and injury to Yujiro, who says he had never used this much effort in a fight.

Baki’s Cockroach Dash technique hits an acceleration of 00.01 milliseconds and is probably the fastest move in the series. His power of imagination leads him to create unique techniques.His speed, adaptability, and endurance have allowed him to defeat or at least withstand fighters like Biscuit Oliva, Pickle, and Musashi Miyamoto.

1. Yujiro Hanma – The Strongest Creature

Yujiro “The Ogre” Hanma is the strongest creature on Earth and the strongest character in Baki series. At 16, he was able to crush the US military singlehandedly. He can stop the movement of tectonic plates and has mastered all martial arts techniques known to man.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in Baki (Latest Manga), Ranked!
Yuujiro Hanma | Source: Fandom

Yujiro has never lost a single fight in his life. He can crush bulletproof glass, katanas, and other weapons, push back 100 riot police, and flick a prehistoric elephant as if it were an ant. His attacks are said to be almost as impactful as nuclear blasts.

Strength is one thing; Yujiro is also fast as hell, moving with such speed that it’s almost as if he is teleporting. There are only 3-4 fighters who have ever even been capable of landing a scratch on him. The best part about Yujiro is that he’s never in final form. He is always growing strong and evolving.


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