Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked!

One Piece has plenty of characterizing features that set it apart from other series. The concept of bounties is one such speciality.

The bounty system was put into force by the World Government to publicize the presence of dangerous pirates and other criminals.

By putting a bounty or reward on their head, the government legitimizes the capture of these pirates and revolutionaries – dead or alive.

A higher bounty signifies the perceived threat level of the pirate with respect to the government. But of course, among the pirates, a high bounty is a symbol of respect, value, ability, status, potential, and overall power.

Bounties are always fluctuating as per victories in battle and after the Wano arc, it’s obvious that Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Kid, and Law’s bounties are going to skyrocket.

Their triumphs against Kaido, King, Queen, and Big Mom respectively are going to put them higher on the list than they currently are.

(Alternatively, their bounties might not increase at all, given that the government won’t want to draw more attention to them. But that’s an argument for another post.)

For the sake of clarity, I will not be including inactive bounties, like those of Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard who have the highest bounties revealed, nor unconfirmed ones such as Monkey D. Dragon’s, who is the world’s most wanted criminal and likely has the highest current bounty.

This list will be updated after the Wano arc is over.

Until then, here are the top 15 highest active bounties in the One Piece series as confirmed in canon.

15. Charlotte Snack

Bounty – 600,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Big Mom Pirates

The Minister of Fries! Charlotte Snack is Big Mom’s 25th son and is the present governor of Totto Land’s Potato Island.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked!
Charlotte Snack | Source: Fandom

He is also a former Sweet Commander and was demoted when he was defeated by the Mad Monk aka Urouge, who is part of the Worst Generation. Still, Snack remains as part of the top 15, and this proves that he is still strong.

14. Sabo

Bounty – 602,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Revolutionary Army

Sabo is the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army, which is the World Government’s direct enemy. He works directly under Dragon, and is the sworn brother of Luffy, who is Dragon’s son, and Ace, who was Roger’s son.

His bounty is so high because of the relations mentioned above. Sabo’s potential is further conceived as dangerous, when he obtains Ace’s Devil Fruit – the Mera Mera no Mi.

He has already fought Admiral Issho of the Marine and ending up drawing with him.

13. Charlotte Perospero

Bounty – 700,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Big Mom Pirates

Perospero is the eldest son of Charlotte Linlin and the Minister of Candy, although he is hardly the Charlotte with the highest bounty in the crew.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Charlotte Perospero | Source: IMDb

He is able to create and control candy at will – and that ability is not as sweet as it sounds. He can turn people into candy men and immobilize them in that form.

We saw Sanji battling Perospero and Queen in Wano. During the same fight, Perospero is defeated by Nekomamushi, but it took the latter’s Sulong form to take him down.

12. Charlotte Cracker

Bounty – 860,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Big Mom Pirates

The Big Mom Pirates are truly considered a huge threat to the government. I mean, just look at Linlin’s territory. The biggest testament to this fact is the amount of Big Mom pirates who have been issued such high bounties.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Charlotte Cracker | Source: Fandom

Cracker is the first in this list who is part of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders, and is the Minister of Biscuits. He is considered a terrific fighter, and was tasked by Big Mom herself to take on Luffy on Whole Cake Island.

He has crazy Devil Fruit powers that can create and manipulate biscuit puppets and weapons. He has also shown a great prowess with Advanced Armament Haki.

11. Charlotte Smoothie

Bounty – 932,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Big Mom Pirates

Another Big Mom Pirate on the list. Smoothie is a Sweet Commander and the Minister of Juice, governing over 100% Island.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Charlotte Smoothie | Source: Fandom

Smoothie’s Paramecia-type Devil Fruit lets her extract liquid from animated and non-animated things, which can be a super useful ability to have. She literally wrings people like clothes and squeezes them dry.

Smoothie is huge, too, which aids her power. She can keep growing the more liquid she consumes.

10. Jack

Bounty – 1,000,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Beasts Pirates

Flowing straight from the juicy Sweet Commander into the arid All Star: Jack the Drought is one of Kaido’s 3 Disasters, and is known throughout the New World for his malice.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Jack | Source: Fandom

He is considered the ruler of Kuri in Wano, but his position was shaken after his recent battles against Mink Tribe’s Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. He is defeated in Onigashima, when Inu and Neko emerge in their Sulong forms.

Still, Jack has a 10-figure bounty, which is pretty insane. He is an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit user and can turn into a colossal mammoth at will. One swing of that trunk can destroy two-thirds of a city.

9. Charlotte Katakuri

Bounty – 1,057,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Big Mom Pirates

Just in case you thought you weren’t going to see another Big Mom pirate in this list, let me present to you, the strongest member of Linlin’s crew: Charlotte Katakuri!

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Charlotte Katakuri | Source: IMDb

He is Big Mom’s 2nd son, the most powerful Sweet Commander, and the right-hand-man of the Big Mom Pirates. He is also the Minister of Flour, governing over Komugi Island.

Katakuri is probably one of the strongest characters we have seen, and is one of the best antagonists Luffy has ever faced. Katakuri’s Devil Fruit abilities and his Haki are immensely powerful and his fighting style is similar to that of Luffy’s.

Katakuri outpaced Luffy in Gear 4 Snakeman and only succumbed at the very end. He is truly one monstrous threat to the government, and an inspiration to other pirates.

8. Queen

Bounty – 1,320,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Beasts Pirates

Queen has proven to be quite the plague to the One Piece world. He totally has a mad scientist vibe – and sure enough, he was part of the MADS research team that sought to discover the Lineage Factor, i.e., the blueprints of life itself.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Queen | Source: Fandom

This team was illegal and carried out its activities unbeknownst to the government. Queen worked with Dr. Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge, which further heightened his bounty.

7. Macro

Bounty – 1,374,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Whitebeard Pirates

Marco the Phoenix is the formerly the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Although we don’t know how exactly Marco’s bounty reached so high, the reason could be simply because he was Edward Newgate’s right-hand-man. After Whitebeard passed, he took over as the captain and fought in the Payback War.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Macro | Source: Fandom

Marco’s incredibly powerful Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit lets him become a phoenix that can attack as well as defend beautifully. He can also give off flames used for healing a group of people at the same time.

Marco’s bounty is also this high because he fought against Kizaru, Aokji, and Akainu when they were trying to kill Whitebeard.

6. King

Bounty – 1,390,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Beasts Pirates

King the Conflagration is Emperor Kaido’s first commander. He is the only surviving Lunarian, and can create fire at will.

His Dragon-Dragon Devil Fruit is of the Ancient Zoan type, and it allows him to become a Pteranodon dinosaur that can split solid stone.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
King | Source: Fandom

King had Zoro at his mercy, until Zoro managed to find his weakness and attack it. King’s physical might is unquestionable. His Haki, Devil Fruit, and race, only add to his strength.  

5. Monkey D. Luffy

Bounty – 1,500,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy’s last known bounty hike was when he and Sanji defeat Charlotte Cracker and Charlotte Katakuri in chapter 903.

The World Government recognizes that he is the leader of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, which could prove immensely troublesome to them.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Monkey D. Luffy | Source: IMDb

Additionally, they also come to know that he is the sworn bro of the Revolutionary Army’s 2nd strongest member – I’m not sure if they know that he is the Army leader’s son.

Our boy Luffy’s feats have managed to impress not just his own crew members, but also the Yonkos. In the most recent One Piece chapter, Luffy unlocks Gear 5 and defeats Emperor Kaido.

His new bounty as a result hasn’t yet been announced, but with all the mayhem in Wano, with him being the carrier of Joy Boy’s will, Luffy is undoubtedly the biggest threat to the government.

But this will likely only be acknowledged after he becomes the Pirate King or is officially renowned as a Yonko.

4. Marshall D. Teach

Bounty – 2,497,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Blackbeard Pirates

Blackbeard might have the lowest bounty among the other Yonkos, but he is a huge threat to the government and the pirates alike.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Marshall D. Teach | Source: Fandom

With 2 Devil Fruits and a dastardly attitude, Teach is a force not to be reckoned with. He has previous affiliations with the Whitebeard Pirates and the 7 Warlords of the Sea, but Blackbeard’s main goal is to rule the world with the help of the Ancient Weapons.

Blackbeard’s bounty is likely because of the fact that he is trying to grab Pluton and put it to use before the World Government finds it.

3. Shanks

Bounty – 4,048,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Red Hair Pirates

The One Piece fandom may not know much about Red Haired Shanks, but he is sure notorious enough to have received such a high bounty.

Shanks is a former member of the Roger Pirates and his bounty was revealed with that of the other Yonkos in chapter 957.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Shanks | Source: IMDb

Shanks has tremendous influence over other pirates – he’s the one who motivated Luffy to become a pirate, he’s the one who stopped the Marines and Whitebeard Pirates from fighting just by showing up.

Shanks did meet up with the Nobles to discuss something, but he is still their enemy and is considered a threat to the government.

2. Charlotte Linlin

Bounty – 4,388,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Big Mom Pirates

Big Mom is an actual monster, capable of stealing souls from her victims. Through her Soul-Soul Devil Fruit, this Yonko can drain the lifespan of any person and kill them instantly.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Big Mom | Source: IMDb

Big Mom is an amazing villain – she has schemes in place to take down her enemies, she sets up convenient allies like Kaido to achieve her goals, and also has a realm-full of loyal followers and family who would do anything for her.

Big Mom is also capable of Advanced Conqueror’s and Advanced Armament Haki, which makes her a formidable opponent – almost unbeatable.

1. Kaido

Bounty – 4,611,000,000 berries

Affiliation – Beasts Pirates

Emperor Kaido of the Beasts Pirates currently has the highest active bounty in One Piece. Kaido is renowned as the strongest creature in the world and has the most known threat potential to the World Government.

Top 15 Highest Active Bounties in One Piece, Ranked
Kaido | Source: IMDb

His journey as part of the infamous Rocks Pirates, his magnificent strength, his twisted world view, and his obsession with brutality is what make Kaido the most powerful Yonko in the eyes of the Nobles.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – Kaido and Big Mom, who occupy the top 2 positions on this list, have been recently defeated.

The next time you see this list, our Straw Hat boys might completely tip the rankings due to their bounties.

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