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Top 10 Strongest Characters in Dr. Stone, Ranked!

Dr. Stone has gained widespread popularity thanks to its unconventional story that sets it apart from other Shounen series. Unlike others, Dr. Stone does not focus on power but is all about science, education, and slowly building towards a goal.

Due to this, it’s a bit hard to define strength when it comes to the characters of this series. The list below will rank the characters based on who we think is stronger in all aspects – physical and mental.

10. Yo Uei

Yo Uei is a Pre-Petrification human and a former policeman. He was initially a member of Tsukasa’s army but eventually joined the Kingdom of Science after the two factions merged.

The strongest character in Dr. Stone
Yo Uie | Source: Fandom

Thanks to his experience as a police officer, Yo was trained in the usage of firearms and, therefore, could improve after some target practice quickly. He is also shown to be a very fast runner.

As a former cop, he also has training in combat and is shown to be competent with using a tonfa, though nowhere near as skilled as the likes of Kinro, Magma, or Kohaku and other characters on this list.

09. Stanley Snyder

Stanley Snyder is an ex-military officer who is currently working for Dr. Xeno and is among the select few mentally strong enough to withstand the millennia-long effects of the Petrification.

Who is the strongest character in Dr. Stone
Stanley Snyder | Source: Fandom

Judging from his military background and his assault on Senku’s group, Snyder is skilled in modern warfare. He is also an extremely proficient strategist and marksman.

However, while Stanley is competent, he is still unable to hit members of the Kingdom of Science. Due to this, his place on this list stops at 9.

08. Magma

Magma is a villager from Ishigami Village, which later becomes the Kingdom of science. He is well known for being one of the strongest of all the villagers. He has an extreme amount of physical strength and endurance.

The Strongest Character in Dr. Stone
Magma | Source: Fandom

This is seen when he is able to withstand multiple attacks from Kinro in the Village Games.

However, he is only placed 8th on this list because, despite his strength, he is inferior to the likes of Tsukasa, Hyoga, Mozu, and Kohaku, who can easily defeat him.

07. Kinro

Kinro is the elder brother of Ginro and a former guard of the Ishigami village. He later goes on to become a member of the Kingdom of Science.

The Strongest Character in Dr. Stone
Kinro | Source: Twitter

Kinro is one of the physically strongest members of Ishigami Village and wields a spear and a buckler. In the village, he is rivaled only by Magma and Kohaku.

Initially, he was hindered by his poor eyesight, but after being given glasses, does he overcome it. In regards to his strength and skill, he is placed in the 7th position.

Dr Stone | Masked Kinro vs Magma
Kinro vs Magma

06. Kirisame

Kirisame is one of the two strongest warriors in the Petrification Kingdom who later joins the Kingdom of Science after Senku’s suggestion. Kirisame is a cold, collected individual and is rarely smiling or relaxing.

The Strongest Character in Dr. Stone
Kirisame | Source: Fandom

Kirisame is capable of hunting and killing large American Alligators all by herself. She is strong and fast enough to overwhelm Kohaku in combat. However, it should be noted that Kohaku was restrained by her dress and couldn’t fight well.

In their recent sparring match, Kohaku is proved to be equal if not a bit stronger than Kirisame.

05. Kohaku

Kohaku is Ruru’s younger sister and a descendant of modern humans. After Taiju, Kohaku is the most loyal to Senku. She possesses a strong sense of justice, which, in pair with her hotheadedness, leads her into dangerous situations.

The strongest character in Dr. Stone
Kohaku | Source: Fandom

Kohaku excels at fighting, hunting, and possesses a sharp instinct and intellect. Kohaku possesses excellent strength and endurance and is one of the few superhumanly strong individuals within the village.

Her more notable traits are her speed and agility, which makes her highly proficient in close-quarters combat. Tsukasa, a world-class fighter, stated that she would have been famous for her fighting abilities back in the Pre-Petrifaction world.

Dr. Stone Episode 6 English Sub: Tsukasa vs Kohaku
Kohaku vs Tsukasa

However, despite her skill, she is inferior to Tsukasa, Hyoga, and others in this list and, therefore, is ranked 5th.

04. Mozu

Mozu is one of the two strongest warriors in the Petrification Kingdom alongside Kirisame. After Ibara’s defeat, Mozu was revived by the Kingdom of Science at the request of Hyoga.

The strongest character in Dr. Stone
Mozu | Source: Fandom

Mozu is a highly competent fighter. This is seen when he was able to throw aside five men with his strength alone easily and was able to overwhelm Kohaku with his skillful spearmanship effortlessly. Moza also possesses a sharp instinct and is very cunning.

The true depths of his strength are shown when he lasted very long against Hyoga – one of the strongest characters, before being defeated. Due to his feats and power, he is listed at the 4th place.

03. Matsukaze

Matsukaze is a warrior from the Petrification Kingdom and was revived by the Kingdom of Science. He later joined the Kingdom and currently acts as a bodyguard to Ginro, who resembles his late master.

The strongest character in Dr. Stone
Matsukaze | Source: Fandom

Matsukaze is one of the ten warriors of the Kingdom of Science. He wields considerable strength and speed. In fact, he is strong enough to take down several enemies without being harmed.

He is skilled enough to deflect both Kohaku and Kirisame’s attacks. After a spar with him, Tsukasa noted that if properly trained in modern martial arts, Matsukaze would be a tough opponent even for himself. This is a testament to his great strength.

However, since he isn’t skilled enough to fight against Tsukasa or Hyoga currently, he can only be placed below them in the third place.

02. Hyoga

Hyoga was revived by Tsukasa Shishio and became an elite member of the Tsukasa. Later on, he ultimately betrayed Tsukasa by attempting to take over his leadership and threatened Senku to join him. However, he was later defeated by the duo.

The Strongest Character in Dr. Stone
Hyoga | Source: Fandom

Currently, he has joined the Kingdom of Science, albeit begrudgingly.

Hyoga is one of the strongest characters in the series, as seen when he faced off against ten other men and easily defeated them in a few seconds. He was able to take on Magma, Kohaku, and Kinro, the strongest three fighters in the Ishigami Village, and was able to stand his ground until his weapon fell apart.

Hyoga is a spear-handling master, using his Kudayari spear, he uses the Kan style that allows him to strike out at fast and irregular tormentor attacks. He is also a tactical genius who knows how to manipulate his own companions to win a battle.

Dr Stone | Science Kingdom vs Hyoga | Making Katana | Detective Suika is back!
Hyoga’s strength

He even managed to defeat Tsukasa, who, despite being injured, was still an extremely tough opponent.

Hyoga’s strength, skill, and intelligence place him as the 2nd strongest character in the series.

01. Tsukasa

Tsukasa Shishio is the former antagonist of Dr. Stone and the strongest high school primate. Due to the stone world’s dangers, Senku was forced to revive Tsukasa Shishio, a powerful martial artist, and rely on him.

However, due to his different goals, Tsukasa betrayed them and formed his own group of strong warriors. Later on, after Senku saved his and Mirai’s life, he joined the Kindom of Science and swore to be loyal to them.

The Strongest Character in Dr. Stone
Tsukasa | Source: Fandom

Tsukasa’s strength is so great that he was called “The Strongest High School Primate” pre-petrification. With one punch, he was able to kill the leader of a pride of lions. Along with his power, he also possesses immense speed and reflexes.

Other than his strong physical capabilities, Tsukasa also excels in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting styles seem to originate from many martial arts such as Muay Thai and Taekwondo.

Tsukasa – the Strongest High School Primate

On top of his strength and skill, he is also an able swordsman. He can wield his stone blade with high proficiency. Even Hyoga acknowledged his skill and had to wait for Tsukasa to be vulnerable before betray him.

Considering this, Tsukasa deserves his title as the strongest character in Dr. Stone.

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