Top 10 Slice of Life Anime Movies 

The realm of Slice of Life is always a frame embellished with the brushstrokes of the little wonders of existence and the colors of the nuances of life. With the characters living their ordinary lives, facing their intonating problems, and appreciating the beauty and simple moments around them, it provides us a striking resemblance with our own lives. 

Slice of Life is a must-watch when you feel cozy and want an easy watch for a momentary escape from the stressful atmosphere around you. Here are the Top 10 Slice of Life Anime Movies to provide that comfort feel for you. 

10. From Up on a Poppy Hill

Shun and Umi
Shun cycling with Umi | Source: Fandom

From Up on a Poppy Hill, similar to most Ghibli Movies, manages to capture the warmth of everyday life and reminds us how beautiful human relationships are. This beautifully animated film follows the story of Umi Matsuzaki as she tries to prevent a group from knocking down an old clubhouse. 

This would explain her becoming fast friends with fellow newspaper clubber Shun Kazama and their subsequent journey out to spread the information about the cause. She soon begins to grow feelings for him, and when she researches his past, she finds that it all may not be much different from hers. 

9. Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish

Suzukawa and Kumiko
Suzukawa and Kumiko | Source: Fandom

The soft art and calming music dive us into an emotional adventure of dreams and the power of destiny over them. Tsuneo Suzukawa, a university student who loves diving and marine biology, struggles to make enough money to fund his trip abroad for further studies. Meeting with Kumiko brings a new life into his dream as he is paid to take care of the disabled girl. 

Even though their relationship starts off with a bit of dislike for each other, he soon discovers that the world she wishes for lies beyond the constraints of her wheelchair. They grow to realize that the dreams they aspire for can be found in each other’s abode.  

8. Ocean Waves

Rikako and Taku
Rikako seeks Taku | Source: Fandom

With a more retro making from 1993, this anime captures the complexities of relationships and the effort one is ready to put in to cross those boundaries. It starts off with Taku Morisaki meeting with Rikako Muto, a new transfer student from Tokyo, through one of his friends named Matsuno.

Although her unpleasant demeanor prevents her from making many friends, she finds herself close to Matsuno and another girl from class. With time, Taku comes to develop feelings for Rikako, and he contemplates how he could get closer to her and help her through her disturbing past 

7. Tamako Love Story

 Mochizo and Tamako
Mochizo and Tamako | Source: Fandom

This movie’s romantic setting, with well-thought-out music and a warm atmosphere, takes the viewers through the story of two clumsy childhood friends. Living right next to each other and going to the same school, they have grown to like each other’s company a lot. But, as the final year reaches its end, Mochizou must gather up his courage to tell her his feelings. 

The fear of distance and the realization of one’s own feelings are shown through this movie. Will he be able to tell her how he feels before setting out to study in Tokyo? Will she be able to accept these feelings of his? This anime truly excites us to the very last. 

6. Only Yesterday

Taeko on board train
Taeko on board train | Source: Fandom

This movie delves into the intricate contrasts between rural and urban life and how much our childhood influences our future. This 1991 movie tells the story of 27-year-old Taeko Okajima who visits her hometown in the country as a means to break off from the bustling life of the Tokyo city. On her way there, she reminisces about her childhood days spent there, the first experiences of love she had, and how much of an impact it had in molding the person she is today.  

She forms good bonds with her friends and family back home and helps them in the harvest. The theme follows nostalgia and self-discovery as she contemplates whether her 10-year-old self would be happy with the person she is now. 

5. The Garden of Words

Takao | Source: Fandom

The Garden of Words is a spectacular animation by Makoto Shinkai. Like all his other works, the animation is breathtaking. Each visual is a painting of the stunning landscape, and each whisper is woven with the intense emotional struggle of the characters. The story unfolds throughout the rainy season. 

15-year-old Takao aspires to be a shoemaker. He skips his classes and escapes to a magnificent garden to sketch his designs, where he meets an enigmatic woman, Yukari, who just like him, takes a break to run away from her own sense of alienation. Their unexpected crossing blooms into something else through which they figure out their own troubles. 

4. 5 Centimeters per Second

 Takao and Akari
Young Takao and Akari | Source: Fandom

One of the worst feelings is when the promises you made are shattered, and you are unable to move on from the past you had together. 5 Centimeters per Second is another masterpiece by Makoto Shinkai that travels through the lives of two childhood friends- Takao and Akari, as they face the harsh realities of a long-distance relationship. 

As they grow up, time creates a crack on the promise they made together to keep in touch. Takao and Akari cling onto their past, learning to live with their shared string of hurt and the words they left unsaid. 

3. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Sakura and Shiga
Sakura and Shiga | Source: Fandom

Life is not always the same; there are times when you stumble upon situations that alter your entire perspective. Life for Shiga was being immersed in books and escaping the world he is in. He didn’t bother about the people around him and never bothered about how others perceive him. 

He crosses paths with Sakura, the buoyant girl, and finds out about her secret which she never told anyone. The secret binds them into a path they find impossible to escape until the last days of Sakura’s life. Shiga finds another side of the world around him but will Sakura be beside him when he reaches there?

2. Whisper of the Heart

Seiji and Shizuku
Seiji and Shizuku | Source: Fandom

Whisper of the Heart is another masterpiece by the Ghibli Studios. Shizuku loves finding herself lost between the wonderous world of words. But every time she borrows a book, she finds the same name on the card-Seiji. Someone borrows the same book as her every single time. What’s better than having a bookmate who shares the same interests as you in books? 

Shizuku prepares herself to find this person who reads all the books as her. It looks like he has a dream to accomplish, yet Shizuku hasn’t figured out her own life. She starts to listen to the whispers of her heart inspired by Seiji’s dreams. 

1. A Silent Voice

Shoya and Shoko
Shoya and Shoko | Source: Fandom

A Silent Voice speaks louder through its characters. When Shoko joins the school, the entire class bullies her just because she is deaf. One among them was Shoya. He took the bullying a bit too far, ending in the entire class turning their backs on him. Karma has its own way of making the score even, and Shoya happens to be stuck in Karma’s way. 

Years later, Shoya finds himself drowning in his past and the little tricks he played on Shoko. The now-wise Shoya creates his own redemption arc for all the deeds he did in the past.  

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