Top 10 Must-Watch Anime If You Loved “Assassination Classroom” & Where To Watch Them!

Assassination Classroom is a story about a group of students who were assigned a mission to assassinate their teacher Koro-sensei.

He is actually a mysterious octopus-like creature responsible for destroying a part of the moon and has warned everyone of the earth’s destruction if not dealt with soon.

This story portrays the role of a teacher in a student’s life through light-hearted comedy and heart-melting emotions.

So, let’s begin with the top 10 list of anime that closely resembles Assassination Classroom.

10. Riddle Story of Devil

Riddle Story of Devil deals with the conundrum of one’s heart to protect the one in the equation to be killed.

Riddle Story of Devil

Air Date: April 2014Status: FinishedStudio: DiomedeaNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 12

Myoujou Academy is a private girls’ boarding school that Tokaku Azuma has just transferred to. Tokaku, along with her fellow classmates, has been assigned the assassination of Haru Ichinose, a sweet-natured classmate.

Riddle Story of Devil The Complete Series - Coming Soon
Riddle Story of Devil Trailer

The one who succeeds will be rewarded with anything they desire, irrespective of the cost or difficulty.
But with a sudden change of heart, Tokaku gets attached to Haru, the one she’s been assigned to kill and vows to protect her from being assassinated.

9. Danganronpa: The Animation

Danganronpa deals with a teddy bear led academy where killing is the only way to survive.

Danganronpa: The Animation

Air Date: July 2013Status: FinishedStudio: LercheNo. of Seasons: 3No. of Episodes: 36

Hope’s Peak Academy is an elite institution where only the most talented students are accepted with their unique titles. Makoto Naegi is titled “Super High School-Level Luck” for getting enrolled by chance as an ordinary student.

The students’ happiness to have enrolled in a prestigious institution didn’t last long as they were soon trapped inside by Monokuma, the principal.

Danganronpa - The Complete Series - Available Now
Danganronpa: The Animation Trailer

The only way to get out of this school is to kill one of their peers without being discovered, which will continue until one survivor remains.

8. The Gokusen

The Gokusen comedically displays the struggle of a Yakuza head working as a teacher of a high school.

The Gokusen

Air Date: January 2004Status: FinishedStudio: MadhouseNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 13

Shirokin Academy is a high school full of delinquents where the teachers cower in fear. Kumiko Yamaguchi is starting her career as a maths teacher in this school.

However, the delinquents don’t know that she is the acting head of a powerful yakuza clan who can overpower the strongest of gangsters.

top 10 anime like assassination classroom
The Gokusen

Trying to keep her job as a teacher, she manages to get her way through the delinquents. Her colleagues who are always trying to disclose her secret.

7. The Royal Tutor

Success comes to those who keep on trying, The Royal Tutor portrays that with honesty.

The Royal Tutor

Air Date: April 2017Status: FinishedStudio: BridgeNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 12

Heine Wittgenstein is a brilliant and charming man who, despite his short stature, holds respect. Impressed by that, he is assigned as the tutor of the four princes by the king of Grannzreich.

The Royal Tutor - Coming Soon
The Royal Tutor Trailer

The four heirs, namely Licht, Leonhard, Bruno, and Kai, are flirtatious, immature, studious, and reserved, respectively. Trying to communicate with each of them, the only thing that threatens Heine is his own mysterious past.

6. Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts

Baka & Test displays an underperformers journey to prove his worth in a school-system based on grades.

Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts

Air Date: January 2010Status: FinishedStudio: Silver Link.No. of Seasons: 2No. of Episodes: 26

Akihisa Yoshii is a student of an academy where the classes are divided based on the grades of the students.

As a student with low intelligence, he was placed in F class, where they were presented with all the worn-out furniture in stark contrast to the air-conditioned A class.

Baka and Test - Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack available now - Anime Trailer
Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts Trailer

In F class, he makes friends with Mizuki and Yuuji, who has been Akihisa’s friend since freshman year. Akihisa deciding to take supremacy from the higher-tiered classes uses the creatures which the school summoned while their experiments.

5. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia deals with a hero that you always dreamt of becoming.

My Hero Academia

Air Date: April 2016Status: Season 5 UpcomingStudio: BonesNo. of Seasons: 5No. of Episodes: 88

Izuku Midoriya, an ambitious middle schooler, has always wanted to be a hero but cannot as he doesn’t have any quirk.

But soon his fate changes, when the number one hero and his personal idol, All Might, chooses him as his successor to inherit his quirk.

top 10 anime like assassination classroom
My Hero Academia

Izuku enrolls in UA High after enduring months of grueling training. Soon, he will understand what it means to be a hero as danger looms over the school.

4. Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei is a satirical slice-of-life comedy regarding modern-day Japan.

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

Air Date: July 2007Status: FinishedStudio: ShaftNo. of Seasons: 3No. of Episodes: 38

Nozomu Itoshiki is a pessimistic high school teacher who has a tendency to attempt suicide on the smallest of misfortunes.

top 10 anime like assassination classroom
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

This is a story about Nozomi and her unusual girl students covering the various aspects of Japanese culture through the interactions between them.

3. Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite sensibly depicts society’s cruel treatment towards failures.

Classroom of the Elite

Air Date: July 2017Status: FinishedStudio: LercheNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 12

Koudo Ikusei Senior High School disguised as a paradise of a high school is divided into four classes from A to D according to the merit of the students.

Classroom of the Elite - Coming Soon
Classroom of the Elite Trailer

Kiyotaka is a student of Class D, which is provided with the worst treatment amongst the other grades. Kiyotaka, along with Suzune and Kikyou, aims to rank higher than Class A. Which they can achieve by any means necessary as per the regulations of the school.

2. Angel Beats

Angel Beats deals with amnesia through a riveting story.

Angel Beats

Air Date: April 2010Status: FinishedStudio: P.A. WorksNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 13

Otonashi awakens but comes to know the fact that he is dead. Yuri, a rifle-toting girl, explains to him that he is in the afterlife.

Soon he realizes that he has no memory except his name. Yuri asks him to join her in the battle against Tenshi, whom she believes to be evil.

top 10 anime like assassination classroom
Angel Beats

Otonashi decides to join Yuri and battle Tenshi, but soon finds himself oddly drawn to her. Gradually the mysteries of the afterlife begin to unfold.

1. Great Teacher Onizuka

A few degrees doesn’t make a good teacher, Great Teacher Onizuka confidently proves that through an ex-gang leader.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Air Date: June 1999Status: FinishedStudio: Studio PierrotNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 43

Eikichi Onizuka is a former member of a gang who has a dream to become the greatest high school teacher in Japan.

The ambition that seems to be a passion for teaching is actually to have a loving teenage wife at his greys.

top 10 anime like assassination classroom
Great Teacher Onizuka

Joining the Holy Forest Academy, he has to face the unwelcoming students of Class 3-4, who mentally break new teachers to quit school.

Not being an ordinary guy, he becomes the teacher and soon finds himself involved in the personal life of the students helping them grow out their shells.

Honorable Mentions

There are some other series which comprises a few elements of Assassination Classroom, they are:

Ultimate Otaku Teacher, Reborn, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.


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