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TOM6 Debuts on Toonami

Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block has been delivering anime for many years and is doing better than ever. A major update came last month as Toonami introduced its new Total Immersion Event “The Forge”. The Forge sees Tom 5 and SARA suddenly pulled into a strange space and suddenly attacked by mysterious robotic beings.

Episode 5 of The Forge event debuted a brand new TOM 6.0. The new TOM was assembled by Sara from a few scattered parts using the backup of himself TOM put in the system. The new model also focuses heavily on the two new arms!

This happened after the event’s last episode where TOM 5 made the ultimate sacrifice and bought time for the other TOM robots to escape. TOM 5, while fighting off enemy aliens, ordered the AI fairy Sara to prepare his ship for departure without him. But as one can guess, TOM 6 is coming!

For those unfamiliar with the Total Immersion Events or do not know what this TOM story is all about, Total Immersion Events began when Toonami was running on Cartoon Network in 2000. It is a series of animated segments featuring TOM the robot fighting his way through some major dangers. Now as the 6 episode series nears its end, fans are definitely excited to see how the new TOM 6 rescues others and takes his ship back!

About TOM

TOM (Toonami Operations Module) is the second and current host of Toonami. TOM was originally a Beta-Droid that was the captain of the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution by Moltar; alongside its A.I. SARA. He is responsible for maintaining the ship and broadcasting Toonami’s signal to the world. As of now, he has undergone 6 different incarnations at Adult Swim(excluding variants).

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