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Tom Hiddleston aka Loki joins the campaign ‘Save Daredevil’

Charlie Cox likely to return as Daredevil. Many including actor Tom Hiddleston ask Marvel to save Daredevil. As fans may remember, Daredevil was one of the many Marvel television shows to fall victim to the sudden removal from Netflix in 2018. The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Luke cage and Iron Fist were also removed from the Netflix earlier this year.

Due to contract issues with Netflix, Disney cannot use the characters of the shows it cancelled on Netflix, like Daredevil, for a couple of years. Disney though is still planning to bring these characters into the MCU as soon as possible.

Sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us about Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk TV shows before they were officially announced – say that Marvel wants to get Cox back to play Daredevil in future MCU movies. Nothing’s set in stone just yet, but we’re hearing that this is the studio’s current plan as they feel there’s too much potential with the character to waste him. Of course, there’s been the talk of the Defenders shows being relaunched on either FX or Hulu as well, with the original actors returning and if this does happen, then Cox would appear on both TV and in the films. Just like Disney Plus characters such as Ms Marvel.

This intel follows on from our recent report that Marvel is considering using Matt Murdock as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man 3, following him being framed by Mysterio.

Spider-Man is back in the MCU and now the #SaveDaredevil movement continues having found a new supporter in Tom Hiddleston.

I hope that we can see the Daredevil- SpiderMan duo in the future. For now, we are heading to something new in the MCU. Disney+ shows are coming soon and many of our favourite heroes are returning to the small screen.

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