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Kodansha Confirms Tokyo Revengers’ Special Arc and Spinoff

It hasn’t even been a whole day since Tokyo Revengers manga ended, and Ken Wakui has already started working on its sequels and spinoffs.

Yes, that’s right. The mangaka has been working on some new stuff related to this delinquent story on the side. While many people won’t be too happy with any new installments from the franchise, we’re still intrigued about what he’s planning.

Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine issue 51 has confirmed that Tokyo Revengers will receive a special arc and an extra spinoff manga soon. The final volume (volume 31) will go on sale on January 17, 2023.

#Weekly Shonen Magazine’s latest issue is now on sale!! ︎ #Tokyo Swastika Revengers The final story is the cover & opening color! ︎ In addition to the magazine’s appendix “All Team Stickers,” we will do our best to live in Tokyo, such as an interview with Mr. Wakui, a gift plan, and an announcement in Roppongi! ︎

Thank you again for reading! ︎ The final volume will be released on January 17, next year!!︎

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Wakui will reveal more on the special arc during a large-scale exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo, in November 2023. So, we have one year to make all the crazy theories about this storyline and what it might bring.

Additionally, this special arc doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire plotline and can also be just one chapter or an epilogue. Wakui still needs to confirm the format and might disclose everything related to it next year.

Kodansha Confirms Tokyo Revengers' Special Arc and Spinoff
Takemichi Hanagaki | Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, the additional spinoff manga will begin serializing in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. It will be based on the original Tokyo Revengers series and will consist of eight chapters.

The mangaka has also shared that the title of the spinoff’s first chapter is ‘The wounded tiger.’ Wakui further revealed that the story would focus on the founders of the Tokyo Manji Gang: Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Pah-chin, Baji, and Kazutora.

Kodansha Confirms Tokyo Revengers' Special Arc and Spinoff
Founder of the Tokyo Manji Gang | Source: IMDb

Tokyo Revengers started receiving heavy criticism when the final arc started. Despite the bad reviews, Wakui managed to wrap up the manga and even announced its continuation as spinoffs and more.

I think Wakui is trying to make amends with these and reignite the love fans had for the series. Even if this fails, we’re at least getting a prequel spinoff, which is more than enough.

About Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is a manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on March 1, 2017. It is an ongoing manga that received its 17th compiled book volume on May 15.

The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, who learned that Tokyo Manji Gang had killed his only ex-girlfriend from back in middle school. After learning about the incident, Takemichi was pushed from the railway platform.

Landing on the tracks, he closed his eyes, accepting his death, but when he opened his eyes, he had time-leapt 12 years into the past.

Source: Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue 51

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