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Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime Debuts In 2021, New PV And Visual Released

The Tokyo Babylon series focuses on the occult culture in Japan. The manga first emerged from a doujinshi that Clamp had written. However, darker tones of societal pressures and problems were added to serialize it as an official manga.

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It explores the supernatural dangers that surround Tokyo. Subaru and his sister Hokuto work to protect the city from these supernatural perils. The series is well known for its heart-wrenching ending.

Tokyo Babylon 2021 is an upcoming anime series based on the Tokyo Babylon manga. An official website was opened to share the first PV. The anime will premiere in 2021.

TVアニメ「東京BABYLON 2021」第1弾PV
Trailer of Tokyo Babylon

The trailer opens with a beautiful view of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. The Tokyo Tower can be seen through the blossoms. The scene shifts to introduce Subaru and Hokuto.

Both Subaru and Hokuto are shown in their Onmyoji outfits. Some mesmerizing action scenes are also portrayed in the trailer.

A new visual for the Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime is also revealed.

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime
Tokyo Babylon Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual shows Subaru in an elegant stance in his Onmyoji dress. Standing atop a high riser, he looks mind-blowing as he performs a ritual.

Studio GoHands is animating the upcoming anime. The studio has previously animated the K anime series and the movie version of Mardock Scramble.

Tokyo Babylon was first adapted into a two-part OVA from 1992-1994 by studio Madhouse. Tokyo Babylon 1999 was a live-action sequel film released in 1993.

The series is famous for its focus on occult tropes as well as dark social themes. The story is at first told through independent episodes. Later on, a background is added to the manga, and connections are established throughout the story.

About Tokyo Babylon

Tokyo Babylon is a manga created by Clamp, Nanase Okawa, and Mokona. It was adapted into an OVA, a live-action film, and will be getting an anime series in 2021.

The plot focuses on Subaru Sumeragi, the leader of the Onmyoji clan. He and his sister are responsible for protecting Tokyo from all kinds of supernatural disasters.

The bonds between Subaru, Hokuto, and Seishiro deepen; however, it is sure to lead to a tragic ending.

Source: Official website of Tokyo Babylon 2021

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