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Will Toei and CJ E’s partnership result in a ‘manhwa-inspired anime’ boom?

Korean films like Parasite and Squid Game are currently breaking through not only box office records but also language and regional barriers.

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Japanese and Korean multimedia giants Toei Animation and CJ Entertainment are joining forces to strike while the iron is hot. With this collaboration effort, you can expect new films, live-actions, and maybe anime adaptations of popular manhwa?

While Toei has planted its feet in the anime industry with classics like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Sailor Moon, and others, CJ E has hits like Parasite, Veteran, Tazza etc. under its name.

Will Toei & CJ E’s partnership result in a ‘manhwa-inspired anime’ boom?
Dragon Ball | Source: IMDb

Toei Animation announced that it is partnering with South Korean film production company CJ Entertainment to create more content. These works will target Southeast Asian, North American, and European audiences.

Live-action and anime adaptations of previously hit series are on their list of upcoming projects. Entirely new works will also be released starting 2024.

Several webtoons get adapted into Korean dramas every year. Some of the most current top-rankers are Itaewon Class, True Beauty, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? etc.

CJ Entertainment’s CEO, Jeong Tae Sung, has previously acknowledged the growing popularity of webtoons and their drama adaptations. Late Blossom is one such webtoon-inspired film that the company has produced.

If these two powerhouses use their marketing and production prowess, we are surely looking at a golden age of Asian media content. The deal will enable Toei to create anime adaptations of CJ E’s hit films, and likewise, Toei’s vast anime collection will fuel the South Korean film industry.

After The God of High School and Tower of God, is it finally Solo Levelling’s time to shine? Only time will tell.

Source: CJ Entertainment website

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