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The World Ends With You Season 1: Release Date, Key Visual, Trailer Cast & Staff

Square Enix’s masterpiece game ‘The World Ends with You’ is getting an anime adaptation. The announcement happened on Anime Expo Lite this year, and the world hasn’t been the same after that. The game has an insane amount of reputation, and the fans never anticipated this.

To make things interesting, the official website for the anime instilled a timer, and only after the timer reached zero, the website unveiled several details regarding the upcoming anime series. The reveal took place on 3rd July at 9 p.m EDT.

The World Ends with You Anime-Release Date & Key Visual.
The World Ends with You Anime-Key Visual | Source: Reddit

Let’s take a look at what it has to offer, is it worth the hype, release date and about the game itself.

1. Release Date and Announcement

The production team for ‘The World Ends with You’ confirmed that the anime adaptation would be making its launch in April 10, 2021 and would air for a duration of 12 episodes.

The announcement happened on 25 June 2020 by Square Enix.

2. Where to Watch?

As of now, there is no information about which streaming platform will be licensing the anime series.

3. Theory Section

When the Anime Expo 2020 art was revealed, it involved the characters from the renowned game ‘The World Ends with You’ along with the original characters of the event.

People, later on, got to know that it was a subtle hint intended to reveal the anime series at the event only.

‘The World Ends with You’ anime will have a 2021 worldwide launch.

The World Ends with You Anime-Release Date & Key Visual.
The World Ends with You

(The official Anime Expo Lite Art)

(a) Financial Standings

The game released on Nintendo DS on 27 July 2007 in Japan, and by the end of the year, it sold a total of 193,000 units. It was a commercial success and is still considered one of the best Square Enix’s games out there.

The game was the top-selling DS title the week of its release and again two weeks later. It has been in the limelight often.

(b) About the Studio

The official website finally unfolded the studios. Yes, it’s a collaborative work between Shin-Ei Animation and Domercia.

Domercia is quite new in the industry, with only an ONA produced by the studio while Shin-Ei Animation is renowned for their work in Doraemon and Shinchan.

(c) The Plot of the Anime

Neku, a fifteen-year-old boy with a liking towards graffiti and music wakes up and finds himself at what seems to be a crossing in Shibuya, but it is a different dimension that overlaps with the real Shibuya.

Unknowingly, Neku becomes a part of the game known as “Game of the Reaper,” which spans a total of seven days. With several missions imposed on him along with her partner Shiki, they have to survive till the end.

Can they?

(d) About the Game

The World Ends with You is an action role-playing game with the option of single-player and multiplayer in its pocket. The game has very innovative gameplay wrapped with the top-notch soundtrack and voice acting.

It received very positive reviews across the globe, and Square Enix was highly praised for creating a game that manages to feel familiar and strikingly new at the same time.

(e) Production Update

As of the last update, Shin-Ei Animation, Domercia, Square Enix, or any other company related to the production of ‘The World Ends with You’ hasn’t disclosed any information apart from the anime series will be releasing sometime in 2021.

Although if one is to make an estimated guess, then the anime will be broadcasted in the slot of Summer 2021.

4. Key Visual

Judging from the sole key visual revealed so far, featuring all the main characters of the original game, it’s highly likely the anime will be a straight adaptation of the original game’s story.

Anime information ban ④

[Tether visual release]

Nek, Shiki, Vito, Lyme, and Joshua have released a visual. Please also pay attention to the cityscape of Shibuya drawn in the graffiti art of 3DCG.



English Translation, Twitter Translate

5. Teaser/Trailer

The World Ends with You The Animation - Official Trailer
The World Ends with You Anime Trailer

“Let’s be honest here, said the production team.”

The art style resembles that of the game and looks so stunning. If adapted correctly, this might be the most amazing J-RPG of all time.

6. Fandom’s Response

What happens when your favourite game is getting adapted into an anime series?

Here are a few answers.

7. Cast and Staff

The best part, the voice actors are from the original game itself. They will be returning for the anime adaptation.

PositionStaffOther works
DirectorKazuya IshikawaShakunetsu Kabaddi
Series compositionMidori GotouPsycho-Pass
StudioShin-Ei Animation x DomericaDoraemon
CastStaffOther works
NekuKoki UchiyimaSoul Eater (Soul Eater)
BeatSubaru KimuraJujutsu Kaisen (Aoi Todo)
ShikiAnna HachihimeKamen Rider Wizard (Chizuru Manaka)
JoshuaRyohei KimuraKoikimo (Matsuda)

8. About The World Ends with You

The World Ends with You is an action role-playing game with urban fantasy elements developed by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS in July 2007. The game was inspired by Square Enix’s previous game ‘Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories.’

The mobile version of the game was released in 2012, and for the Nintendo Switch platform, it was released in 2018 under the name of ‘The World Ends with You: Final Remix.’

In 2008, Shiro Amano drew a two-chapter one-shot manga in Shounen Gangan. Finally, Square Enix decided that it’s high time, and the game needs to be adapted into an anime series.

After a wait of 13 years, on July 25, it was announced that the popular action fantasy is being adapted into an anime series by Shin-Ei Animation and Domercia. It is scheduled to release sometime in 2021.

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