A Grim Visual Sets the Tone for Upcoming Anime ‘The Witch and the Beast’


  • Crunchyroll will stream ‘The Witch and the Beast’ next year. A new key visual and cast members have been unveiled.
  • The anime focuses on the story of Ashaf and Guideau, who are searching for a deceiving witch in order to undo their curses.

‘The Witch and the Beast’ is a work that will draw you in with its dark and mysterious worldview and exhilarating battle scenes. Additionally, the gloomy atmosphere creates indescribable magic.

The anime adaptation was first announced in 2022, and fans have been excited ever since. With the anime close to release, new information has been released.

The official website of ‘The Witch and the Beast’ unveiled an additional cast and a new visual for the anime on Monday. The anime will premiere in January 2024. Crunchyroll will stream the anime as it airs.

The key visual featuring Ashaf on the left and Guideau on the left has been released. The architecture in the new visual seems to have an 18th-century vibe. The visual also foreshadows the revenge journey that is about to begin.

Takayuki Hamana (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen) directs the ‘Witch and the Beast’ at Yokohama Animation Lab. Hiroya Iijima (Afro Samurai) is designing the characters.

‘The Witch and the Beast’ stars Yō Taichi as Guideau and Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ashaf. The official website has released the list of new cast members.

CharacterCastOther Works
IoneYōko HikasaIn ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ as Minami Hokutōzai
MaryNoriko ShibasakiIn ‘Tsugumomo’ as Chisato Chikaishi
Kiera HainesJunko MinagawaIn ‘Negima!’ as Ayaka Yukihiro
Reuben ColeHidenobu KiuchiIn ‘Violet Evergarden’ as Dietfried Bougainvillea
ShulkAtsushi KousakaIn ‘All Out!!’ as Kenya Horikawa
LoranTakuma TerashimaIn ‘Edens Zero’ as Shiki Granbell
Phanora KristoffelSaori HayamiIn ‘Burn The Witch’ as Macy Baljure
JohanRyota OhsakaIn ‘Devils’ Line’ as Naoya Ushio
Jeff EnkerHozumi GōdaIn ‘Hunter X Hunter’ as Leorio
NecromancerNozomu SasakiIn ‘World Trigger’ as Hairein

Now, the most remarkable thing about anime is that it isn’t two-dimensional. The work changes considerably depending on the character you empathize with. The story is also full of heavy twists, keeping you at the edge of the seat.

If you are looking for an intellectually stimulating anime, this series is for you!

About The Witch and the Beast

The Witch and the Beast (Majo to Yajū) is a dark fantasy manga series by Kousuke Satake. It started serialization in Young Magazine in November 2016, moved to Monthly Young Magazine in May 2021, and also has an anime adaptation under production.

It follows a beast-like girl Guideau and a mysterious man with a coffin, Asaph, on their way to hunt down a witch who is hailed as a hero.

Source: Official Website


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