The White Lotus: Who will Albie end up with, Portia or Lucia?

The resident “nice guy” of The White Lotus S2, Albie, is having it tough. Portia, his first romantic interest, is only into him because he went to Stanford and since he’s… non-binary. (Her words, not mine!) On the other hand, his other romantic interest, Lucia, could be fleecing him for his money!

You must be wondering if there is any happy ever after in store for Albie, who is on the lookout for love. So, who will he end up with?

In The White Lotus S2, Albie Di Grasso is romantically paired with Portia and Lucia. However, it is speculated that he won’t end up with either character. 

Let’s explore Albie’s future with his two potential partners in more detail:

Will Albie end up with Portia?

The White Lotus: Who will Albie end up with, Portia or Lucia?

Albie harbors a one-sided crush on Portia. However, the two have zero chemistry.

Portia views Albie as an easy companion upon whom she can unload her emotional baggage. On the other hand, Albie thinks Portia is a wounded bird he can fix.

In Episode 4, Albie sees Portia for who she really is. She ignores him for a much more attractive option, Jack, which might drive a big wedge between the two. I did not believe for a second they would start dating seriously, but this would be another reason they won’t end up together.

On the flip side, both of Portia and Albie’s current partners, Jack and Lucia, may turn out to be an even worse deal for them. So, if they get frustrated with them, Albie and Portia may go back to each other.

Will Albie end up with Lucia?

The White Lotus: Who will Albie end up with, Portia or Lucia?

After losing both her clients, Lucia is on the hunt for a new job in Episode 4. She preys on a naive Albie, who doesn’t realize that Portia is a sex worker.

Towards the end of the episode, Lucia gives Albie some much-needed company when Portia stands him up. Then to make Portia jealous, she even makes out with Albie and later gives him a blow job.

Many fans think that Lucia is simply trying to trick Albie into becoming her next client, coerce him into paying her, or worse, sponsoring her trip to the US. Then there’s also the fact that she slept with his father, which could lead to more trouble for the Di Grasso family. Although Lucia is certainly capable of devious plans, some fans are actually rooting for them to be a real couple. I also can’t deny that Albie and Portia look quite endearing together.

While there is a slight possibility that Albie may end up happily with either of the girls, it’s more likely that he will be single when the season winds up.

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About The White Lotus

The White Lotus is an American satire comedy television miniseries created, written, and directed by Mike White that premiered on HBO on July 11, 2021. Season 1 was set in Hawaii, and season 2 in Sicily.

The White Lotus follows the vacations of various hotel guests over a week as they relax and rejuvenate in paradise. But with each passing day, a darker complexity emerges in these picture-perfect travelers, the hotel’s cheerful employees, and the idyllic locale itself.

Jennifer Coolidge and John Gries star in both seasons with a rotating cast in the two seasons. The series was renewed for a third season.

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