The Ending of Andor E7 Opens up new Avenues for the Series

With the heist now over and all the adrenaline exhausted, episode 7 was supposed to be a calm aftermath. We expected to see character developments and the consequences of Cassian’s departure rather than some bombastic action sequence like last week’s episode.

We saw the start of a rebellion last week, and now we are seeing it affecting all the characters across all the planets. 

The ending of Episode 7 separated itself from the rest of the episode in some sense. Amid all the severe aftermath of the Aldhani heist, it provides a different aftertaste and gives us a clue for what will happen in the upcoming weeks.

The Ending Opens up Many Possibilities

The ending of the latest episode of Andor takes us to Niamos, where Cassian has relocated himself under the alias of Keef Gairo.

It is a comedy of errors and provides a light-hearted ending to the installment. We see Cassian living with a lady in Niamos, and she asks him to get breakfast. While on this errand, Cassian spots a thief running away and being chased by the authorities.

Cassian is falsely accused of being attached to the thieves and is arrested by a Shoretrooper.

That’s when one of our favorite moments from the ending comes,in the form of the KX Droid. The scene tickles our funny bones when the Droid fails to comprehend an instruction from the Shoretrooper and ends up grabbing Cassian by the neck and hanging him from a wall.

The Ending of Andor E7 Opens up new Avenues for the Series
Cassian and the KX Droid

All attempts made by Cassian to prove his innocence turn futile as he is brought to court and sentenced to six years of imprisonment for the crimes he didn’t even commit.

Prosecutor: Civil disruption, anti-imperial speech, fleeing the scene of anti-imperial activity, attempted damage to imperial property…”

It is an exciting turn of events for an episode that was supposed to be a glorified filler.

Nevertheless, this opens up many possibilities for us to speculate about the future.

Can there be a prison break? Cassian, of course, won’t be in jail for six years, will he?

Meanwhile, the episode concludes with Syril starting his new job at the Bureau of Standards. We know that Syril is dead set on arresting Cassian.

The Ending of Andor E7 Opens up new Avenues for the Series
Syril at The Bureau of Standards

Does the juxtaposition of the two scenes at the end mean that the cat-and-mouse chase will intensify over the coming episodes? We have no reason to believe otherwise!

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About Andor

Andor is an American television series created by Tony Gilroy for the streaming service Disney+. It is a prequel to the Star Wars film Rogue One (2016), following the character Cassian Andor five years before the events of the film.

Set five years before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor will see Cassian in his formative years as he becomes the charismatic Rebel and espionage master.

Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Stellan Skarsgaard, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, and others star in the show. The series premiered on Disney+ on September 21, 2022, with the first three episodes.

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