The Rising Of The Shield Hero’s Season 2 Trailer Reveals An October 2021 Debut

With the arrival of The Rising of the Shield Hero’s second season, Naofumi is now prepared to go beyond the unforgiving realm to seek his own place.

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It may not have the most engaging start as an anime, but the journey of the Shield Hero has been nothing less than interesting.

The anime’s protagonist may come off as a bit prudent at first, but he is more than willing to risk everything to save the people who have supported him. The silly deeds of Raphtalia also add to the comedy element of the story.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime has announced a season 2 in October 2021. Crunchyroll has confirmed that it will stream the anime. A trailer for the second season is also revealed.

The trailer of the anime shows Naofumi, the protagonist of the anime who used to have an upbeat personality, but his attitude changed due to a betrayal.

However, he has not let up hope because even after losing his dignity, instead he found companions who are far more valuable to him.

Naofumi might be able to discover the other realms in the upcoming season. As the Waves of Calamity are hitting them too, will Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Milo be able to help them?

Masato Jinbo is replacing Takao Abe for the director’s position in the second season. The rest of the main staff members from the first season of the anime are reprising their roles for the second season.

TV animation broadcast time lifted

TV anime “The Rising of the Shield Hero” Season2

Broadcast started in October 2021! ‼ ‼

Naofumi’s new story

It will start moving again ──

Please look forward to it

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Studio Kinema Citrus and DR MOVIE are collaborating for the animation production of this sequel.

The Rising of the Shield Hero’s first season was released in 2019 with 25 episodes, and Crunchyroll had announced that it will get seasons 2 and 3.

After a wait of 2 years, the second season is here, and we cannot wait to get more trailers and hints on the plot!

The Rising of the Shield Hero’s Season 2 Trailer Reveals an October 2021 Debut
The Rising of the Shield Hero | Source: Official Website

About The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a light novel series by Aneko Yusagi. It has inspired a manga, which is illustrated by Aiya Kyu.

Naofumi is summoned to a parallel world to defeat the hoardes of monsters called Waves. He receives the Legendary Shield power but is quickly deceived and shunned by everyone.

He trains to be a hero alone with his two unexpected companions, how will he unravel the mystery of the Waves?

Source: The Rising of the Shield Hero Twitter


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