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Enshrouded features a surfeit of armor sets that you can choose from. The Radiant Paladin Armor Set offers one of the best stats for armor obtained from looting chests in the game. However, the process of finding all the armor pieces for this chest might be a bit tedious.

The chance of getting all the armor pieces at once is possible, but incredibly unlikely. To make the task easier, I’ve provided a workaround to get all the pieces in a relatively short amount of time with just the right amount of luck by your side.

How to get the Radiant Paladin Armor Set in Enshrouded?

How to get the Radiant Paladin Armor Set in Enshrouded?
The Radiant Paladin Armor Set Chest Location

The Radiant Paladin Armor set pieces can be found inside a gold chest near the southern Sun Temple in the Kindlewastes region. Open the chest, then reset it by quitting the main menu and reloading the recent save. Keep opening the chest until all the armor pieces are obtained.

For convenience, build a Flame Altar near the location so you can fast-travel there whenever you want.

How to get the Radiant Paladin Armor Set in Enshrouded?
Opening the Chest

The chests aren’t guaranteed to drop the Radiant Paladin Armor set pieces so you have to keep opening it until you get all the pieces. If you’re lucky, you’ll be spared the pain of opening a single chest countless times. This is the only way to acquire all the necessary pieces for this Armor set.

Radiant Paladin Armor Set Stats & Special Effects

How to get the Radiant Paladin Armor Set in Enshrouded?
Radiant Paladin Chestplate

Here are all the stats and special effects for the Radiant Paladin Armor set:

NameStatsSpecial EffectDescription
Radiant Paladin Helmet – Physical Resistance: 42  – Magical Resistance: 2815% Melee Critical Strike ChanceA brightly burning visage graces this helmet, setting both the battlefield and hearts alike ablaze.
Radiant Paladin Chestplate – Physical Resistance: 113  – Magical Resistance: 56  +24 Stamina +240 HealthShowcase your beaming soul of flames and cast out all evil once and for all! The light thunders and roars with every heartbeat.
Radiant Paladin Gloves– Physical Resistance: 28  – Magical Resistance: 14+2% Damage against Melee FoesThese gloves radiate warmth and safety as if they were forged in pure liquid light.
Radiant Paladin Trousers– Physical Resistance: 70  – Magical Resistance: 28+90 Health +2 Health RegenerationThis pair of trousers looks plain at first glance, but the craftsmanship allows the wearer to produce and retain more warmth from within.
Radiant Paladin Boots– Physical Resistance: 28  – Magical Resistance: 14-120 Health Timeout Reduction +4 Health RegenerationExpertly crafted boots. They’ve been embellished with flame-spouting shields, a roaring inferno only kept at bay through vigilance.

Is the Radiant Paladin Armor Set any good?

How to get the Radiant Paladin Armor Set in Enshrouded?
Radiant Paladin Helmet

The Radiant Paladin Armor set provides one of the highest Physical Resistance and a significant Melee Critical Strike Chance in Enshrouded. The Radiant Paladin Helmet paired with the Chestplate offers increased health and stamina along with a balance of Physical and Magical Resistance.

To get the best out of this armor, it is recommended to invest your skill points in the wizard skill tree. Spirit-related skills can significantly boost your Magic Damage output as well as Magical Resistance.

That’s all you need to know about the Radiant Paladin Armor Set in Enshrouded. Travelling to other areas for resources or armor sets may become a nuisance if you haven’t crafted the Glider in the game. To help you out, we’ve got just the guide for you below:

About Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a survival action role-playing video game by Keen Games. It supports up to 16 players at once. The game’s world is set in Embervale, an open world which can be freely explored by players.

It was launched via early access on 24 January 2024 for Windows PC. The game is set to be released in late 2024 for Windows PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series S.



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