The Promised Neverland Season 2 Updates

The Promised Neverland returned our expectations 10 times over. The anime introduced us to a seemingly innocent orphanage run by Mama Isabella yet in a matter of 12 episodes, manages to unveil the mortifying set of events that have been taking place at the orphanage and now the season 2 has been confirmed!

Season 2 Updates

The director of The Promised Neverland Mamoru Kanbe, attended Anime Expo 2019. Season 2 is set for a 2020 release and given the popularity season one raised, it’s one of the most anticipated seasons for next year. Though no official date has been announced yet. Not only this, but he also revealed that even though the season’s work underway, the team is facing numerous difficulties. Season 2 will focus on how Emma, with the others, will survive in the world.


Although their escape is a huge achievement, we’re exposed to the fact that the problem is far from over and this achievement is only just a step to eradicate this disturbing system in the world. Emma had discovered a set of people who were surviving in the world while resisting this system dominated by demons. My prediction for season 2 is that the anime will take a step into a more heavy supernatural and action genre with them encountering these demons more.

Synopsis of Season 2

Season 2 will deal with their attempts to connect with the resistance and their character development in terms of tackling these demons on their own. In a world that treated them like cattle, they must learn to become hunters. Along with this, I’m sure they’ll also try to help save the kids they left behind in the orphanage. Their main objective would, therefore, become to figure out who is responsible for the system and why humans have accepted this subjugation. The disabling of this system will help save multiple orphanages just like theirs – therefore, they are as clueless as us on how to do that. Thus, the anime will journey itself in the discovery of what this world actually is.

The Plot (Synopsis of Season 1)

The first episode introduces us to the “loving” environment the orphanages fosters between Mama Isabella and the kids. Our main characters are the oldest kids out of them all. Emma is the happy and optimistic one whereas Norman is calm and collected while Ray is an introverted strategist. Every few months, one of the kids gets adopted and is sent off in tears of joy like any other orphanage. One day, when one of the kids manages to forget her stuffed toy – Emma and Norman take up the responsibility to return it and follow her and Isabella.

Unfortunately, they walk into the horrifying truth. They discover that the kids are fed to demons and the orphanage is a farm to cultivate “food” for these demons. It was discovered that kids with a high IQ and kids above a certain age make for tastier or “meatier” brains which the demons prefer. The terrifying and creepy aspect of the anime is that the main characters are just kids who are trying to free themselves from the cycle of horror that has been taking place in the orphanage.

The 12 episodes are a battle of wits between the main characters and Isabella, who is tragically a part of the system. The characters use innovative and secretive means under the eyes of Isabella to help figure out an escape for the kids from their harsh fate. Isabella acts as an amazing antagonist for the season with her overall smiling facade under her cold disposition. Although Isabella does not make many dramatic actions, her subtle presence, intelligence and knowing smile acts as a scary obstacle to the kids’ freedom. Her actions seem to say “freedom is a child’s play and struggle is futile. In the real world, we attempt to live within the system”.

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