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The Promised Neverland Is Going To Enter In “Climax”

The Promised Neverland entered the threshold of animated adaptation last year and it managed to send the community into a frenzy with just 12 episodes.

While the anime has merely covered the tip of the iceberg, the manga is edging towards its climax, 4 years after its initial release. Is The Promised Neverland Manga Ending Soon?

1. Article Highlights

Yes, the Promised Neverland Manga is ending soon. The manga creators had disclosed last August that the manga is entering its final arc.

As of Chapter 175, the main conflict between humans and demons has been resolved.

2. Is the Manga Ending Soon?

The foundational premise of the manga dates a 1000 years back to the ancient treaty called The Promise signed by the Ratri family and the One that split the world between humans and demons.

the promised neverland manga ending soon
The Promised Neverland

As a result, the demon world began thriving on a farming system used to manufacture human meat for their cognitive sustenance. Human meat was considered as a remedy to any mental degeneration and therefore, this kickstarted an oppressive and exploitative system.

This farming system was essentially brokered by the Ratri family who oversaw the flow of ‘goods’ to its customers as part of The Promise to the One. The world built on this promise was unable to achieve peace between humans and demons.

Thus, the main narrative objective of the manga boils down to a certain world-building rooted in peace between humans and demons. Has the manga finally achieved a solution to years of institutional murder and exploitation? Well yes, it has.

I. Manga Creator’s Note

In August 2019, the Weekly Shounen Jump published a note by manga creators Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demozu at the end of the chapter citing that the manga would not “extend too much” further.

They further established that ideally, the manga would end in 20-30 volumes. This note cements the beginning of the end for the manga as it moves towards its final arc. Therefore, it is, with conviction, that we can say that the manga is ending soon.

the promised neverland manga ending soon
Norman | Source: Pinterest

The note from August is currently not the only indicator of this as the storyline seems to be wrapping up the major conflict that existed within the manga with just a few loose ends to take care of.

II. Manga’s Current Storyline

The most astonishing set of events were narrated in Chapter 175 that released on 12th April, 2020. It seems that peace between humans and demons is finally materialising after 1000 years of distrust.

The chapter sees an avant-garde speech by Leuvis who calls for the abolishing of farms and a departure from the consumption of human meat. He informs the demon citizens of the manipulation by humans who exercised power over them through means of production.

It is almost shocking that Leuvis, a hunter of humans, announces the termination of hunting as well. The demon citizens, though slightly confused, do agree with him on giving up human meat for their freedom from human manipulation.

The Promised Neverland - Official Trailer

Leuvis then names Mujika as the new Queen. Mujika sets forth to bring about a more democratic process within the system as she believes every citizen is accountable to the years of misfortune by being an active and passive participant. The demons settle for evil blood for their cognitive survival and thus, free the cattle children.

Towards the end, we see Emma reunite with Phil – an emotionally significant scene but also a huge indicator that things are coming to a close. It is a reminder of the promise Emma makes to Phil that she’d return to get the children from Grace Field House in 2 years.

It seems that the new Promise made by Emma and the One seems to have set in motion a more peaceful time for both humans and demons. Therefore, the major conflict is beginning to smooth over in the manga.

The manga currently stands at volume 18 which leads us to believe that the estimation of the manga creators are right and that the manga will see its climax between 20-30 volumes.

What is left of the story are the unresolved questions regarding some of the events and the manifestation of a new world.

3. Questions Answered

According to us, the remainder of the story will address how the new system will work with Mujika as the demon Queen and Emma as a de-facto leader of the cattle children.

There are likely to be discussions on how to establish peace through administrative measures between the two. The story is yet to reveal the details of the Promise between Emma and the One as well.

the promised neverland manga ending soon

The sudden change in Leuvis’ attitude has fans wondering about his new motivations to establish a new world. And we’re still deprived of Phil’s side of the story. The announcement of peace was a surprisingly fast paced, yet its translation into reality will be more difficult.

Any rebellion against this decision will have to be quelled in a responsible manner and we believe that not everyone will sit tightly as human meat is taken away from them despite the alternative of evil blood.

This is evident from Chapter 176 where a demon attacks Emma claiming that they still own Grace Field House and human meat. Thus, the story will further address these unresolved issues and give us a peek into the new world-building based on peace.

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4. About The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a Japanese manga series written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu. It began serialization on August 2016 in the Weekly Shounen Jump. The manga has currently collected 17 tankōbon volumes.

The Promised Neverland follows a seemingly innocent orphanage Grace Field House under the care of its Mama Isabella. The children seem to be a tightly knit family nurtured by care and love.

Occasionally, these children are adopted and are never heard from. It is when Emma and Norman, two of the oldest kids in the family stumble across the mortifying secret of the orphanage and the world that things take a wild turn.

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