The Promised Neverland’s Illustrator Gives Dune Movie A Manga Makeover

Dune, the upcoming 2021 film, might have piqued your interest already, but this latest tribute to the film has made it even more lovable to me.

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As an otaku, I can’t help but compare all Hollywood releases to manga or anime. So when Dune revealed its plot and trailers, I started imagining it as a thriller manga series.

Now imagine my surprise when just a few days later, one of my favorite manga illustrators drew Dune as a manga visual.

The Promised Neverland manga’s illustrator, Demizu Posuka, has drawn a special tribute to the upcoming sci-fi film, Dune. The movie will premiere on October 15 in Japan and on October 22 in the US.

Director Duni also praised the delicate colors and the detailed drawings.


“The Promised Neverland” # Drawn by Posuka Demizu !! #DUNE Dune special illustration released 

Also pay attention to the dynamic and lively movements and the facial expressions of the Paul Atreides and Harkonnen characters !!

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The illustration style reminds me of The Promised Neverland’s arc in which the children meet Mister. 

Timothee Chalamet’s character, Paul Atreides, takes center stage in the illustration as all the other main characters flank him. They are all at the forefront of an oncoming sandstorm. 

#Comment by Denis Villeneuve who saw the illustration by Posuka Demizu 

“I’m very impressed. You can see that they value the character and the spirit / spirit of the movie and make it their own. Something special about how to use gravity and the dynamics of drawing. I feel it, and I think it’s very beautiful

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Denis Villeneuve, the film’s director, is in awe of the illustration and has commented that Demizu has kept the characters intact while expressing them in his own style. 

The different culture on an alien planet is depicted in a haunting way. It’s a story where you can feel the pulse of a small family in the middle of an entire desert.


Will Dune’s chances of receiving an anime or manga adaptation rise after this interaction? Fingers crossed because I would love to hear Timothee Chalamet dubbing Paul’s anime version.

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About The Promised Neverland

Created by Kaiu Shirai, this series debuted in a Weekly Shonen Jump manga in 2016. Licensed by VIZ Media for an English Language release, this series has gained immense popularity, selling 4.2 million copies in a concise period.

The story revolves around the horrific truths of an orphanage discovered by three bright kids: Emma, Norman, and Ray.

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