The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Recap, and Speculation

In this fast-paced episode, we see the aftermath of UBA finding out about the rumors about Mitch’s death. Cory is pushing for UBA to be the first one to break the news once they have official confirmation. Meanwhile, Bradley struggles to navigate the aftermath of being outed in addition to navigating the situation with her brother. Chip is finally able to locate Alex. We bring you the latest updates!

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 9 Speculation

UBA breaks the news of Mitch Kessler’s death. With Maggie’s book release right around the corner, it is possible that Alex will continue to feel apprehensive about going on air again.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!

What will be the aftermath of Mitch Kessler’s death announcement? Find out in the next episode.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 9 will be released on November 12, 2021, at 12 am PT on Apple TV. No delays have been announced yet.

Is the Series on Break?

No, the series is not on break and will proceed as scheduled.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Chip is still agitated because he’s unaware of Alex’s whereabouts. He leaves her an angry message on her voicemail. While Cory and Stella are in a meeting with some senior executives, they get an urgent call from a reporter in Italy asking for UBA’s official comment on Mitch’s death. All hell breaks loose after this call. Cory demands that Alex cover the story of his death after it’s been officially confirmed and that UBA should be the one to break the news.

Stella rushes to tell Mia about Mitch’s accident while the current segment is still airing. Mia jumps into action and decides that they’ll air the story once they have two official confirmations about Mitch’s death. Meanwhile, Chip calls Alex’s credit card company and finds out that she was in Italy. He calls the hospital that Mitch was supposedly taken to and the staff tells him there was a woman with him.

In a panic, he rushes to tell Cory, thinking Alex might’ve been with Mitch in the car during his accident. Stella speaks to Alex’s assistant and gets her to log into Alex’s email and they find out that she was on a flight back to New York. Meanwhile, Mia gets the first confirmation of Mitch’s death after speaking to Clay Becker. Mitch had been staying at his place in Italy and it was his car that he was driving. After telling her team she’ll write the copy herself, Mia breaks down in her office.

The Morning Show — Inside the Episode: “Confirmations” | Apple TV+
Inside the Episode: “Confirmations”

Bradley’s brother shows up to the office inebriated and makes a scene. Bradley tries to get him to calm down but he gets more violent and ends up getting escorted out by security. Laura comforts Bradley and tells her that she needs to think about her own life and distance herself from her family.

Chip goes to the airport to pick up Alex and breaks the news of Mitch’s death to her. Alex is in disbelief and calls up Paola, who confirms that Mitch is really dead. She’s devastated and decides that she needs to tell Mitch’s family and that they should hear about this from someone who cared about Mitch. Bradley covers the breaking news segment about Mitch Kessler’s death.

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The Morning Show (also known as Morning Wars in Australia and Indonesia) is an American drama streaming television series starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, that premiered on Apple TV+ on November 1, 2019. The series is inspired by Brian Stelter’s book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV.

Reese Witherspoon’s Bradley Jackson and Jennifer Aniston’s Alex are a newbie and a veteran morning show host, respectively, who are thrown together after Aniston’s former on-air partner (Steve Carell) is fired following a sexual harassment scandal.

Alex (Aniston) fights to retain her job as top news anchor while sparking a rivalry with Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon), a haphazard field reporter whose series of impulsive decisions brings her into a new world of television journalism.

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