The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!

Cory gets the CEO position only in exchange for getting Fred the settlement he wanted from UBA. He must try to get justice for Hannah without letting this fact get revealed because it will ruin his relationship with Bradley.

A bystander records Yanko punching the man that hurled racist statements at Stella. How will UBA handle this situation? Alex might get her career sabotaged when Maggie’s book comes out. We bring you the latest updates.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6 Speculation

Cory speaks to Bradley about Hannah’s smear campaign and asks her if he should do whatever it takes to stop it. Will the salacious story he offers to The Vault be the one about Laura and Bradley dating? How will Bradley react to this?

Will the revelations from Maggie’s book destroy Alex’s career? Find out in the next episode.

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The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 5 will be released on 22nd October, 2021 at 12 am PT on Apple TV. No delays have been announced yet.

Is the Series on Break?

No, the series is not on break and will proceed as scheduled.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Alex is stressed out about hosting the presidential debate and anxious about what Maggie Brener is going to say about her in her upcoming book. To add to her troubles, she starts to experience severe back pain right before they have to fly to Vegas.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!
Alex Levy

Mitch and Paola are in quarantine together while they work on the documentary. A man makes racist remarks towards Stella and Yanko punches him. Cory reaches out to Hannah’s father and tries to convince him to take the settlement that’s currently being offered to him.

Cory’s assistant tells him that Laura and Bradley are dating. Cory is visibly upset by this possibly because he has feelings for Bradley. Alex is furious when she finds out that Chip spoke to Maggie before he came back to work for her. She confronts Maggie a few hours before the debate and demands to know what she said about her in the book.

Distraught by what she finds out, Alex ends up going back to New York and Bradley co-hosts the debate with Eric.

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