The Marvels Ending Explained: Yet Another Different Reality in the MCU

The Marvels is finally out in theaters and continues the much-debated Multiverse Saga in the MCU. The Marvels, comprising Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, come together to fight Darr-Benn, a Kree warlord in the film.

The film’s ending hints at many things, but the story is quite straightforward. The film ends with The Marvels defeating Darr-Behn and fixing the rift in reality that Benn has caused. However, they end up losing Monica, who is now stuck in another reality.

The ending also sees the beginning of the Young Avengers, who have been teased in the MCU for a while now. Here’s a complete breakdown of The Marvels’s ending and the following post-credits scene.

1. Carol Danvers Restores Hala After Dar-Benn’s Death

The Marvels ends with the death of Darr-Benn, the main antagonist in the story. Darr-Benn was a Kree warlord who wanted to steal the Earth’s sun to restore the Sun and save her dying planet, Hala. She wanted to use the power of two Quantum beams for it.

The Marvels Ending Explained: Yet Another Different Reality in the MCU
Carol Danvers | Source: IMDb

The Marvels initially defeat Darr-Benn, and Carol promises her to restore the Sun in Hala. However, Darr-Benn does not take her offer and takes this opportunity to steal Kamala’s bangle to unite it with her pair.

However, the amount of energy is too much for Darr-Benn to handle, and she’s disintegrated into nothing. Darr-Benn is definitely dead at the end of The Marvels. However, the bangles remain.

2. What Happens to Carol Danvers?

After the war with Darr-Benn, Carol keeps true to her word and travels to Hala to help its people. Kamala Khan confirms this to Nick Fury after she returns to her own reality. We also see a short scene where she helps the people of Hala.

Carol flies into the core of the star and reignites it. The people of Hala can experience their first sunrise in years and breathe freely and happily. That’s the last we see of Carol Danvers in the film.

3. What Happens to Monica Rambeau?

At the end of the film, Monica Rambeau is lost. Carol and Kamala have no idea where she disappeared after closing the rift in reality. However, the post-credits scene confirms that she has been transported to an alternate reality.

The Marvels Ending Explained: Yet Another Different Reality in the MCU
Monica Rambeau | Source: IMDb

As we know, a hole in reality was threatening the existence of the multiverse. Therefore, the Marvels came up with the plan. As per the plan, Carol and Kamala take care of things on one side of the reality, while Monica closes the rift from the other.

It is not clear why Monica had to place herself on another side, in another reality.

Although Captain Marvel jumps in to save her friend in the end, it’s too late, and Monica disappears.

It is not clear how Monica closes the rift in reality, especially since her powers aren’t exactly well-defined. But it seems like she could do it as Darr-Benn created the hole using the power of the bangle. Kamala uses the same bangles to give power to Monica.

Monica throws energy beams that resemble threads that hold onto the sides of the portal, finally closing it.

4. The Marvels Ending Paves the Way for the Young Avengers

In the final scene of The Marvels, another young character from the MCU makes an appearance. Kate Bishop, a young archer who was introduced in Hawkeye, returns to her apartment to find Kamala Khan waiting for her.

Kamala Khan tells Kate that she wants to start a supergroup together and wants Kate to be a part of it, to which Kate agrees. Kamala’s super group hints at the formation of the Young Avengers, which has been teased for a long time in the MCU.

The Young Avengers are expected to include Kamala Khan, Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Wiccan Speed, and others. The Young Avengers will likely appear in The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars.

5. The Marvels Post-Credits Scene Explained

After Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan close the rift in reality created by Darr-Behn, Monica is left trapped in a parallel reality. The post-credits scene shows Monica Rambeau waking up in an unknown white room in a different reality.

Upon waking up, she meets her mother, Maria Rambeau, who is still alive. Maria is seen wearing the costume of Binary, a variant of Carol Danvers from Earth 616 in the comics. It turns out that the mystery woman is actually Binary and not her mother, Maria.

The Marvels Ending Explained: Yet Another Different Reality in the MCU
Beast in X-Men | Source: IMDb

She also meets a popular character from the X-Men universe, Beast. Beast explains to her that she is trapped in an alternate reality. Beast’s appearance in the final scene hints at the possibility of the X-Men and other popular Marvel characters being a part of the MCU.

At the end of the scene, we see a complete view of Binary and her costume, which is a replica of the one from the original comics. The post-credits scene of The Marvels teases that Binary will be an integral part of future projects while the X-Men will also play a role in the MCU.

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6. About The Marvels

The Marvels is the sequel to Captain Marvel (2019) and the 31st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film is directed by Nia DaCosta from a screenplay by Megan McDonnell

Following the events of Ms. Marvel (2022), Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau begin swapping places with each other every time they use their powers and must team up to figure out why.

The film stars Brie Larson, Teyonnah Paris, Iman Vellani, Zawe Ashton, and Samuel L. Jackson. It hits theaters on November 10, 2023.

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