Deer King Anime Movie’s New Trailer Reveals Main Duo Surviving A Pandemic

With all the movies from last year added on, this year seems to be flooded with anime films. Among all those, The Deer King is one movie that hits too close to home, as it deals with what most of us have been dreading from last year.  

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Anime movies have a unique way of blending mysticism with daily life. While the concept is present in almost every standalone film, the creative iterations always take us by surprise. This one brings together the dread of a pandemic with mystic hope in the form of a child. 

The official website for the upcoming movie The Deer King has released a new trailer. The anime film is set to release on 10th September 2021 in Japanese theaters.

映画『鹿の王 ユナと約束の旅』予告【9月10日(金)公開】

The trailer begins with someone describing a spreading disease brought in by the mountain dogs that killed many people in the country. We see protagonist Van fighting against bandits to protect the little girl, Yuna, before she is taken by a mountain dog. 

An enemy nation is seen attacking the country, taking advantage of the ongoing pandemic. We also get to know that Van and Yuna are traveling in order to find the deer hot spring.

The trailer features the theme song for the movie “One Reason” by Milet. The artist had previously performed the second ending theme for Vinland Saga.

The key visual featuring the main cast of the movie was also released:

The visual shows Van’s back riding a deer while carrying Yuna in his arms. Hossal and Sae are riding their horses, journeying with the main duo. We also get a glimpse of enemy airships and balloons far away in the sky. 

The English dub for the movie is also set to be released in North America by the first half of 2022.

The film is directed by Masashi Ando, who was involved with the likes of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Your Name. All of these share that unique supernatural folklore element. This one is probably going to be in that vein.

As the pattern suggests, The Deer King with its interesting themes has the potential of making it big worldwide. Be prepared to be amazed as this awesome movie is just around the corner.

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About The Deer King

The Deer King anime film is adapted from the fantasy novel by the same name, written by Naoko Uehashi. Kadokawa originally published the series in two volumes in 2014 and then republished it in four reprinted volumes in 2017.

An anime film adaptation by Production I.G is scheduled to premiere on September 10, 2021.

Van, a lone survivor of a warrior faction, is enslaved at a salt mine. He manages to escape with a girl Yuna, while the place is under attack by dogs and disease. Dr. Hossal tries his best to cure the disease and other such stories of people and portrayed in an interconnected manner.

Source: The Deer King Movie Official Website

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