The White Lotus S2 Ep 7 Ending Explained: Is Greg the cowboy?

As The White Lotus S2 makes way for its finale, Episode 7 just confirmed a popular fan theory. If you, too, thought that something was off with Quentin, Jack, and his jolly group of gays, you’ve struck gold!

After finding out that Quentin and Jack, who are supposed to be uncle and nephew, have been indulging in some *ahem* late-night activities of their own, Tanya stumbles upon yet another shocking discovery.

During the party in Palermo, Tanya discovers a picture of Quentin with a cowboy who looks like a young Greg. It’s possible that Greg was Quentin’s cowboy lover, and the two are now working together to fleece Tanya for her money.

The pieces in Tanya’s tale are slowly falling into place. Right from the first few episodes, there have been indications that Greg may have been cheating on her. He even received a mysterious call from someone named Bob, with whom he discussed his prenup woes.

In Episode 6, Quentin narrates his own woeful story of unrequited love to Tanya—when he was younger, he was in love with a “cowboy” who did not reciprocate his feelings. Many fans suspected that this cowboy could be Greg. In a wild twist of events, this turns out to be true!

The White Lotus S2 Ep 7 Ending Explained: Is Greg the Cowboy?
Tanya McQuoid-Hunt

Quentin hosts an elaborate party for Tanya in Episode 7, even getting a sex worker and lining out cocaine to keep her entertained. In her drugged-up daze, Tanya stumbles onto a series of bedside photo frames, where she finds one with Quentin and a man in a cowboy getup from their younger days.

Given her state of intoxication, it is unknown if Tanya makes the connection, but the audience quickly latches onto it.

Some fans believe that Quentin and Greg are working together and are hoping to get money out of Tanya one way or the other. This is evident in Jack’s later dialogues as well, where he tells Portia that his “uncle” is broke but is going to come into money very soon.

The White Lotus S2 Ep 7 Ending Explained: Is Greg the Cowboy?

As per the finale’s promo, it also seems like Jack was specially ordered to take Portia away on a trip and ensure she doesn’t come back in time to rescue Tanya.

So what exactly is going to happen to Tanya? In what way will Quentin betray Tanya? This can go two ways:

  • Quentin records Tanya in bed with the sex worker. If this violates any conditions in her prenup, Greg will benefit by getting her money and being able to divorce her.
  • Quentin gets Tanya killed, which results in Greg inheriting all of her wealth.

Although Tanya appears naive, quite a few scenes depict her to be a lot more intelligent than she looks. It remains to be seen if this time, too, she will outsmart those who are out to cheat her. Or perhaps, it is time we say goodbye to one of The White Lotus’ most loved characters. Only time will tell!

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