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The Cabin: Bert Kreischer Pits Pat Williams Against Kaley Cuoco

Standup comedian Bert Kreischer’s reality show, The Cabin With Bert Kreischer, has been bringing together some interesting people in an even more interesting environment. While on a journey to a decompress in a cabin in the middle of the woods, Bert invites a few of his friends to hang out with him.

In the penultimate episode, he invited comedian and actress Patricia Williams, actress Kaley Cuoco and actor Joel McHale for a fishing trip. Things get slightly awkward when Kaley and Pat, two very different people, interact with each other.

Trouble begins when Pat does not recognize Kaley when they first meet. Even after Bert introduces Kaley and mentions that she worked in the famous sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Pat continues to be quite dismissive of her. The uneasy tension continues for most of the episode, with Kaley trying to make conversation and Pat shooting her down with an offhand comment.

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Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny in The Bing Bang Theory | Source: IMDB

Things become clear when Bert’s guests sit down to have a drink and Pat reveals that she does not think much of The Big Bang Theory. She says she had tried to watch it but she felt it was too “nerdy” and “corny”. She struck a nerve when she brought up The Big Bang Theory actor’s salary.

Not only is Pat’s attitude towards Kaley too overbearing, but her opinions about Kaley’s show also couldn’t be more wrong. Granted, The Big Bang Theory requires some patience because of how science-centric it is, the show does not only cater to the nerds and the geeks. The Big Bang Theory moved on two parallel levels- one for those who had a deeper understanding of science and the other, who like Kaley Cuoco’s character Penny, had no connection to science.

The series did not only revolve only around theorems, formulae and paradigms. It was all about the characters, who were definitely fun to watch even if not relatable to some. The thousands of fans and multiple People’s Choice Awards can attest to that.

Here is a clip of Pat and Kaley’s conversation in Bert Kreischer’s show:

Do you agree with Pat? Or do you think The Big Bang Theory’s fanbase extends beyond the science nerds and geeks?

About The Cabin With Bert Kreischer:

The Cabin With Bert Kreischer follows Bert, a standup comedian, on his decompressing trip to a cabin. In every episode, he engages in different stress-relieving activities and hangs out with some of his friends.

The reality show is available to stream on Netflix.

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