Who Is Rebecca’s Mystery Bantr Man? Ted Lasso S2 Episode 6 Reveals!

Seeing Rebecca giggling, buried in her phone screen is one of the many delights of Ted Lasso’s Season 2. But who is this mysterious man chatting with her on Bantr? Episode 6 reveals that it is none other than Sam Obisanya!

Okay, now we know some of you (well, me included) theorized or at least hoped that the mystery man would be Ted himself.

While the show started with Rebecca’s passive-aggressive enmity toward Ted, Season 1 finale saw healthy growth in both their professional and personal relationships. Rebecca realized she shouldn’t punish Ted or AC Richmond for her ex-husband’s mistakes.   

This same realization allowed her to venture back into dating, trying out Bantr with some limited luck (see: nice but unmemorable John). However, she gets into the groove with this one mystery man with whom she indeed has a lot of banter.

In Episode 6, we see user LDN152 respond to Rebecca’s text with:

Crazy day at work, but I can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe we should meet.

Sam Obisanya
Who Is Rebecca’s Mystery Bantr Man? Ted Lasso S2 Episode 6 Reveals!
Sam Obisanya
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As the camera pans, we see that it is our favorite right-back defender Sam.

Sam has had massive character development from Season 1 when he was the lovable (and a little innocent) addition to the team. Jamie’s absence from AC Richmond also allowed Sam to work through the bullying and negativity that Jamie had subjected to the team.

Season 2 saw Sam more vocal than before, on-field and off—taking a stand for his values with his boycott of the team’s sponsor Dubai Air, a subsidiary of an oil company polluting his home country, Nigeria.   

As much as there is certainly chemistry teased between Rebecca and Ted, there are more than a couple of scenes (all cute interactions at that) that had indeed set up the Rebecca-Sam reveal.

Or, are we forgetting that playful scene where Rebecca misunderstands Sam asking her to join a team celebration, as an invitation to go out with him?

In that moment, it is also Sam who unknowingly reminds Rebecca that AC Richmond is her team, and it wouldn’t be complete without her.

Will Rebecca and Sam date? There is no end-game answer to this. There are quite a few barriers (workplace relationship, age difference, Rebecca’s own past, etc) and on the other hand, potential compatibility and definitely space to explore more.

Who Is Rebecca’s Mystery Bantr Man? Ted Lasso S2 Episode 6 Reveals!
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I’ve always marveled at how Ted Lasso’s writers have handled difficult emotional situations with utmost grace.

Since this one is a headscratcher for me, I’m going to let the professionals do the job, and wait to see how this relationship plays out!

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