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Top 20 Strongest Lightning Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!

Lightning has always been terrifying, in nature as well as in anime. In real life, lightning is almost always fatal. It’s quite thrilling to imagine having the ability to manipulate sometime as powerful and volatile as lightning. In anime, regardless of the show, characters with lightning abilities are super-fast and super-strong on the whole […]

Anime Hunter x Hunter

How Strong is Gon Freecs?

The name Gon Freecss suggests an image of an older man – maybe in his 50s – in one’s mind, doesn’t it? However, HunterxHunter provides a character design of a small 12-year-old with spiky long hair to carry that name. An intimidating name for a not so intimidating child? Hold that thought! Gon Freecss is […]