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Dragon Ball Super has ‘Something Else’ Planned in 2022 for the Series

Dragon Ball Super has given us some great characters and plotlines like Black Goku, Universe Survival Saga, Lord Beerus and Whis, and so much more. Considering these, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that fans want more of it. After Dragon Ball Z ended, every fan thought that no other series[…]

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Top 15 Strongest Time Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!

When it comes to using different kinds of powers in anime, the list may be infinite, but we all know what the best ability is. Time manipulation is undoubtedly one of the strongest powers to have. No other ability holds a candle to time control. A time user can ignite the flame, stop it from […]

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How strong is Beerus? Can he beat Jiren or Moro?

The latest chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super shows Moro as an antagonist. Just as Moro has defeated Goku, Vegeta appears along with a super power-up. Despite that, Moro doesn’t seem to take much damage. While Beerus and Whis are seen observing this battle, the former shows no interest in fighting Moro even after seeing […]