86 -Eighty Six- Manga News

86 -Eighty-Six- Announced A Dystopian Theme Spin-Off Manga for this July!

We’ve seen many franchises with a dystopian future concept, but only a few know how to portray it correctly. 86 -Eighty Six- is one such series that has beautifully pulled off the execution of such a setting. It is set amidst a brutal war where a community called the ”86” suffers unimaginable[…]

86 -Eighty Six- Anime News

86 -Eighty Six- Cour 1 Ends with a Bang! Cour 2, Special Episode Decided!

Mecha anime are often criticized for their plot as it is rare to find a decent mecha-themed anime. However, 86 -Eighty Six is one huge exception. From its plot to its animation, this anime is underrated yet adored by the fans who know about it. It takes place amidst a war where the general[…]