Anime Crunchyroll News Shenmue the Animation

Fans Get a First Look at Crunchyroll and Adult Swim’s Shenmue the Animation

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim seem to be on a roll with an incredible lineup of original anime on the way. If the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime announcement wasn’t enough for you, the companies have announced Shenmue the Animation as a part of their epic collab as well. By adapting the popular[…]

Anime Crunchyroll News Shenmue

Shenmue Anime Coming to Crunchyroll and Adult Swim

An anime adaptation of Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue game series has confirmed a release. After years of waiting, Shenmue fans crowdfunded a new game last year, and now the story of Ryo Hazuki will be told through this new anime series. Announced during the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, the show will be a co-production between Crunchyroll and […]