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Will We Lose Tsukasa Forever in Dr. Stone?

The recent episode of Dr. Stone was an emotional rollercoaster; we got an incite of Tsukasa as a person. His character has so much depth for years he struggled to save her, and even after the petrification, he still earns to make a beautiful world for her; this gave us another reason to love him. Somewhere all of us were waiting for a moment when Tsukasa and Senku will team up, and we finally saw their ultimate tag-team […]

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How Did Everyone Turn to Stone in Dr. Stone?

Every single person was petrified in the world of Dr. Stone, and 180 chapters in, we finally know how. Dr. Stone has an ingenious premise and beautiful execution that has thrilled fans all over the world. With science integrated into fantasy, it is exciting to see where the story goes. From the […]