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A Complete Guide for Selling Contraband and Stolen Items in Starfield

When you’re exploring the Star System in Starfield, you’ll come across a lot of stolen goods and Contraband. Contraband is essentially illegal items that can be sold to earn big bucks, but if caught with them, you will go to jail, and all those items will be confiscated by the law enforcement forces, so[…]

Anime News Technoroid Overmind

Technoroid Overmind Anime Takes Off on January 4!

Technoroid, a multimedia project by Noriyasu Agematsu, RUCCA, Elements Garden, CyberAgent, and Avex Pictures already took off with the release of the mobile game Technoroid Unison Heart. And there is still much more to expect from the franchise. On Monday, the official website for the Technoroid[…]

Anime News Technoroid

TECHNOROID: OVERMIND Anime PV Reveals the Eccentric Main Characters

Another spectacular multimedia project is making its way towards our screen for 2022. Noriyasu Agematsu announced a new project called Technoroid in collaboration with musical artists Elements Garden and RUCCA. This upcoming project, which includes an anime, a smartphone game, and music, is[…]