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French Historians Ridicule ‘Napoleon’ for its Glaring Historical Inaccuracies

Even after two weeks of its release, French historians continue to call out Napoleon for its glaring historical inaccuracies. This historical drama, directed by Ridley Scott, features Joaquin Phoenix as the titular French Emperor and portrays his military expeditions and topsy-turvy relationship […]

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Ridley Scott’s Napoleon Ends on a Tragic Note for the French General

Based on the life and times of the titular Napoleon Bonaparte, Ridley Scott’s Napoleon ends on a tragic note, much like the French military leader’s real life. Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military leader and monarch who rose to prominence after the French Revolution and the eventual decline o[…]

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When will Napoleon be available for streaming online?

As Ridley Scott’s historical drama Napoleon continues its theatrical run, the anticipation for its online release is high. The film will eventually be available for online streaming after its theatrical run. Napoleon is based on the life and times of French military general and emperor Napoleon B[…]

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Apple’s Napoleon Expected to Earn $45 M Worldwide on its Opening Weekend

In this year’s Thanksgiving, Apple Studios is planning a major opening for its production of Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, and they are expecting a $46 million WW global start. Further analysis suggests that the split up for the Wednesday-Sunday stretch is anticipated to make $22 M 5-day domestic and […]