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Viz Media Published My Hero Academia Special Manga Chapter On Shonen Jump App & Website

Recently, My Hero Academia released chapter 266 on March 22. It involved the continuation of the raid on the PLF base. Now with Hawks and Dabi entering the scene, the raid is on a whole different level. Back in December, on the release of My Hero Academia the Movie – Heroes Rising, theatergoers were given […]

Anime My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Reveals Major Villains’ Quirks

My Hero Academia’s season feature film, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, is going to be released in Japanese Theatres on 20th December 2019. With the release date just a month away, we’re now getting more information from the official website of the film. Voices behind 2 new villains, Mummy and Chimera, and information on their […]