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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 Ending Explained: Who attacked Mickey?

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, part 1 sets up Mickey Haller’s complex case as he defends Lisa Trammell, but the climactic mid-season ending creates far more questions than answers.Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer follows the story of Mickey Haller, a defense lawyer who has a love for Lincolns and pri […]

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Does Takemichi Become Stronger & Learn To Fight in Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers characters typically try to achieve their goals by using their fists, but Takemichi Hanagaki is built differently. Takemichi wins his battles through sheer determination. However, Takemichi hasn’t really displayed any actual physical prowess so far. Most of the time, he was forced to […]

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Who is the Leader of Black Dragon in Tokyo Revengers? Is it Takemichi?

It’s not even been a week since the first season of Tokyo Revengers ended and fans (read: me) are storming the internet to see whether they can find some answers. Of course, Episode 24 ended on a cliffhanger – with Kisaki aiming the gun at our boy Takemichi. Season 1 of the shonen […]