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One Piece Chapter 973 Confirms Lady Toki Dying & Taking Many Secrets To The Grave!

One Piece recently released chapter 973, titled “The Kozuki Clan,” which wraps up many plot points about the Wano-arc. This chapter most likely is the last chapter regarding the Kozuki Oden flashback. This implies that One Piece will continue the storyline in the present timeline, starting chapter 974, which will be released on 15th March. […]

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One Piece Explains Reasoning Behind Lady Toki’s Lack of Grief

Chapter 972, titled “I am Oden, I was born to boil,” finally explains Toki’s expressionless behavior. She acted this way simply because she refused to be Oden’s weakness by being upset. She did it to calm her children and herself. One Piece takes character depth to the next level as every character’s expression has actual […]