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Top 10 & Most Skilled Wing Spikers In Haikyu!!

Although it’s been a year, whenever I see the completed status of the manga, my heart aches, and I keep rereading the chapters for the nth time.  While rereading them, I realized that we never got the answer to who exactly is the most skilled spiker. Honestly, spikers are so freaking cool, and even if […]

Anime Haikyu!! Listicles

Top 10 Aces In Haikyuu Ranked! Who Is The Best Ace Of The Series?

What’s the most crucial part of a volleyball team? The spikers? The setter? The middle blockers? Or the libero? If Karasuno’s revived side is anything to go by, it’s all of these players working in cohesion that’s vital to any team. And for that, you need trust and a little bit of hope. Every team[…]