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Dropkick on My Devil! Gets Special Spinoff Episode For Winter 2023

Jashin-chan Dropkick or Dropkick on My Devil! is known for its violent slapstick comedy that involves Jashin-chan trying to kill her summoner. This turns out to be a running gag as she always fails and gets dismembered in return. The anime is a crowdfunded project and has run for three seasons […]


Dropkick on My Devil! Season 2 Release Date and Updates

Dropkick on My Devil! started out as a manga in April 2012 and ws written and illustrated by Yukiwo. The series has amassed 11 volumes by August 2018 and recently had chapter 148 taken down by its publisher, Comic Meteor, due to a knife attack that happened in Japan in May 2019. The series was […]