Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro O-tasukeshimasu~

Fairy Ranmaru Casts Magic in Our Heart with OP and ED Songs

Pour a bit of magic on Japan’s butler café concept, make it a blend of animation, and that’s how you get Fairy Ranmaru. Fairy Ranmaru, the original TV animation set to be released in April 2021, features 5 high school boys working in Bar F. In-order to mend their customer’s broken hearts, these […]

Anime Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro O-tasukeshimasu~ News

Fairy Ranmaru Anime Reveals Trailer, New Visual, April Premiere

Fairy Ranmaru, an original anime, was announced in early January. True to its name, the series is reminiscent of anime with fairies fighting for justice. However, in this anime, the fairies will advocate for the happiness of those around them. We are mostly used to women transforming into[…]