Anime Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye News

Amazon Prime Reveals ‘Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye’ Crossover Anime Film

Lupin the Third and Cat’s Eye are two of the most popular franchises from the retro anime era. While Lupin came out earlier than Cat’s Eye, with the latter ending first, both still seem tied in a neck-to-neck competition. Considering how they were released long ago, these franchises celebrating[…]

Killing Bites Manga News

Killing Bites Artist Kazasa Sumita Announces Spinoff in August

On Friday, Kazasa Sumita, the manga artist of Killing Bites took to her Twitter handle to announce the upcoming spin-off of the manga which is about to be released on Hero’s Inc.’s “Wild Hero’s” website on August 21. She also mentioned the name of the upcoming spin-off which is about to be Hoshigari Sugi Desho […]