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‘Luminous Witches’ Glimpses a Mesmerizing Aerial Idol Show in New Trailer

It’s quite funny how music and war, two things that can’t be any more contrasting, often go hand-in-hand. Strike Witches’ upcoming spin-off series Luminous Witches shows us how songs help people cope with the consequences of warfare. Unlike Strike Witches, this series is peaceful and wholesome[…]

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Strike Witches Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Staff

After a ten year wait with a movie, a spin-off series, several OVAs, and multiple manga series, we are finally getting a third season of ‘Strike Witches,’ and the fans are all riled up. The hype is for real, and the excitement is over the roof. The third installment for ‘Strike Witches’ is announced and […]