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Two Best Friends Travel All Over Japan in New Original Anime, Tabi Wa Ni

The world of anime has granted us the most breathtaking series from time to time. What better way to show off this artistic superiority than travel-themed anime? Tabi wa ni is thus here to capture your hearts with beautiful landscapes rather than superpowers or weapons.

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Travel-themed anime tend to be some of the most under-rated anime out there. Series like Mushishi and Kino’s Journey have a stable fan base due to their tranquil quality. Will the upcoming anime also catch our attention in the same way?

Tabi wa ni is an upcoming original anime by studio hb.

Traveling anime project started.

“Would you like to go to this place with me?”

Aiming for a place for photos of people who remember

where two girls run around all over Japan

Original anime

“Travel wa ni”

Director / Kazuya Sakamoto (Liden Films Kyoto Studio)

Character design / Ichi Mitsuda

Production studio hb

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Designs of two characters have been revealed along with an official tweet announcing the anime. The characters look like middle school students. It is possible that both of them are friends and they go on trips together.

Or maybe both of them set each other on a trip? Yuru Camp, another camping and traveling-based anime, has a similar setup. After all, very few things are as fun as traveling with your best friend.

These two girls will travel all around Japan and provide us with picturesque sceneries that will make us feel like we are a part of the journey too.

Two staff members of the anime have also been revealed:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorKazuya SakamotoShe and Her Cat: Everything Flows
Character DesignHajime MitsudaAkiba’s Trip: The Animation

More information like trailers and visuals will be revealed for the anime soon. Studio hb has been the 2nd Key Animator in series like Otherside Picnic, Pretty Boy Detective Club, and Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song.

So, let’s tour Japan along with these two friends! I hope that the anime will be a calm and pleasing slice of life and traveling anime that will put our hearts at ease.

About Tabihani

Tabihani is an original anime series by studio hb. It is a travel-themed anime and its release date has not been revealed yet.

The anime will focus on two school students who are also friends. These girls will travel all over Japan together to experience new scenarios and cultures.

Source: Official Twitter

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