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Check Out the Charming Members of the Pretty Boy Detective Club in the New Trailer!

Pretty Boy Detective Club will solve your problems, but only if it suits these beautiful club members’ aesthetic taste. Throughout their history, they have caused more trouble than they have solved, but for them, beauty triumphs all.

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Anyone else getting Ouran High School Host Club vibes? The cute, pretty members and their addiction to aesthetics might remind you of OHSHC. However, this new anime will have a tinge of mystery to help it stand out.

Pretty Boy Detective Club will premiere on 10th April in Japan on the “ANiMAZiNG!!!” block of ABC TV. It will also premiere on TV Asahi and other broadcasting channels. A new trailer has been released for the anime.

2nd PV release ◢

Additional cast staff lifted!

★ Hitomi Shima: #Maaya Sakamoto

★ Rei: #Hiroki Nanami

★ Tadatsuki Lie: #Kosuke Toriumi

From 2021.4.10 every Saturday from 2:00 midnight

Broadcast on ABC TV / TV Asahi affiliated 24 stations nationwide (“ANiMAZiNG !!!” frame)

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The trailer of the upcoming anime shows Mayumi Dojima, the girl who needs the help of the club. As ridiculous as it might sound, she has lost a star that she had seen ten years ago.

Who else is more appropriate for the job than our very own Pretty Boy Detective Club!

All the members are not only handsome, but each has their own capabilities – while some can win over crowds with their charm and sharpness, others are good at sports or have a keen sense of detection.

The opening theme of the anime is “Shake Shake” by sumika. The additional cast members include:

CharacterCastOther Works
Mayumi DojimaMaaya SakamotoCiel Phantomhive (Black Butler)
ReiHiroki NanamiHatonami Ayame (Gibiate)
Rai FudatsukiKousuke ToriumiNozel Silver (Black Clover)

The theme song has also been lifted!

The opening will be # sumika’s “Shake & Shake”! We also have comments!

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Studio SHAFT is animating Pretty Boy Detective Club. Kodansha and Aniplex are collaborating to present the project. NisiOisin, the creator of the Monogatari series, is behind the upcoming anime.

The trailer of the anime was very innovative, and I am hoping that the anime is just as aesthetically pleasing.

About Pretty Boy Detective Club

Pretty Boy Detective Club is a novel series by Nisio Isin and Kinako. The novel series was published from 2015-2019. It will get an anime adaptation in 2021.

Check Out the Charming Members of the Pretty Boy Detective Club in the New Trailer!
Pretty Boy Detective Club | Source: Fandom

It is a non-profit organization and only helps those who bring forth cases with beauty in them. Mayumi Doujima is a girl who needs help from the club members to find something dear to her.

Source: Official Website of Pretty Boy Detective Club

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