Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume Film Keeps Making New Records Around the World

What is it about Shinkai’s art that so many people connect with? First and foremost, it’s stunning. He’s a master of light and shadow, adding visual flair to his animated tales that only adds to their charm. Yet it’s not simply the gorgeous animation—Shinkai conveys global stories while being unmistakably Japanese.

Makoto Shinkai, the director of “Your Name” and “Weathering with You,” is one of the most successful current filmmakers in the world. His latest, “Suzume,” has already grossed over $200 million worldwide, making it a massive hit in his home country of Japan, and not just that. 

According to the Chinese movie statistics app Maoyan Professional, Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume (Suzume no Tojimari) film has earned more than 720 million yuan (US$105 million) three weeks after its release in China, making it the highest-selling Japanese animation in the country of all time. As of Friday, the film had sold 21.64 million tickets in mainland China.

Similarly, Suzume’s official Twitter account stated on Saturday that the film has sold more tickets in South Korea than any other Japanese film. In South Korea, the film has sold 4,482,051 tickets, making it the highest-earning picture to open in 2023 thus far. The film has so far grossed US$35,783,322 according to the Korean Film Commission (KOFIC).

Shinkai’s work is filled with sincere ideas that he weaves into sun-kissed imagery. We see the beauty in what he creates, much like the finest animated filmmakers. We can also see ourselves.

About Suzume no Tojimari

Suzume no Tojimari is an anime film by Makoto Shinkai. It premiered on November 11, 2022. A novel adaptation was released in August 2022, also written by Shinkai.

The film focuses on Suzume, a 17-year-old girl who meets a young man looking for a door. Suzume finds a strange door among the ruins and opens it, but due to it many doors start opening around Japan, causing disasters. Now, Suzume has to close all of them to save Japan.

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