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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Confirms Episode 15

The latest Dragon Ball anime adaptation has a whole new level of action and it seems like it has some potential. The latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes evokes the question- Can our warriors win this earth-shaking battle? If yes, then how? Recently, the Twitter user sailorspazz laid out a synopsis of the Dragon Ball Heroes episode 15. Here’s what the synopsis says-

“Displaying extraordinary power, the ultimate form of Kamioren rampages. Facing this crisis, Goku utilizes Ultra Instinct and overwhelms Kamioren in battle. But when the fight is about to be over, Hearts appear to have a secret plan…” 

Episode 15 is titled “Kamioren Blown Away! Overwhelming! Ultra Instinct!” and it’s going to release on September 5, 2019. The episode will stream 11 AM Japan Standard Time.

We know that Super Dragon Ball Heroes is filling the time gap of Dragon Ball Super Season 2. But the question is- “Will Dragon Ball Super season 2 come out? The likely answer is, yes it will.

Here are some points which you need to know-

1. The end of Dragon Ball Super season 1 said, “GOKU AND HIS FRIENDS’ ADVENTURES WILL BEGIN AGAIN.” That is the most definite indication that season 2 was certainly intended. 

2. An interview with Lisa Yamatoya (Senior Manager of Marketing; Licensing at Toei Animation USA) revealed their huge presence this year at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Even though Dragon Ball Super season 2 was likely to launch this year, one of the possible reasons for the current delay could be One Piece Stampede Movie on August 9, 2019.

3. One of the most important pointers is that Dragon Ball is a huge source of revenue for Toei. Toei Animation is unlikely to let it go, but the details are uncertain. It is a secret project as you can imagine and they are likely to surprise us with a super return announcement.

Chances that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is going to launch soon enough. But the question is, when?

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