Full-Length PV for ‘Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Part 2’ Reveals July Debut

‘Sugar Apple Fairy Tale’ is about Ann, a girl who dreams of becoming a Silver Sugar Master just like her late mother and her sharp-tongued bodyguard fairy, Shall Fen Shall. After saving him from his cruel fairy trader, she promises to return Shall wing to him once they reach the capital. 

Ann believes that fairies and humans can live together once again but Shall Fen doesn’t trust humans and hates them passionately. But as the pair travels further, they learn more about each other and their true desires.

On Sunday, the staff of Miri Mikawa and Aki’s Sugar Apple Fairy Tale light novel series revealed the main promotional video and more cast members for the anime’s second cour. The second cour will premiere on July 7. 


Artist Rei Nakashima will perform the anime’s opening theme song titled “Surprise,” and voice actress Nao Tōyama will perform the ending theme song “Door.”

The additional cast members include:

Characters CastOther Works
Orland LangstonNobuhiko OkamotoKominato (Ace of Diamonds)
KingKōji Okino Gunhead (My Hero Academia)
ValentineAtsushi TamaruRantz (86)
NadilShōya ChibaGion (All Out!!)
GladiceSōma Saitō Corteo (91 Days)
NoahManaka IwamiSaho (Ahiru no Sora)

Furthermore, the staff confirmed that Cosaji would release a new manga for the franchise this summer on FLOS COMIC, adapting a new arc.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale: Ginsatshi no Ie (The House of a Silver Sugar Master) will be the manga’s title.

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About Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is a fantasy light novel series written by Miri Mikawa and illustrated by aki. It began publishing in March 2010 and received a manga adaptation in November 2012. An anime series also premiered on January 6, 2023.

The story follows Anne Halford, a young candy crafter. In her world fairies are treated as slaves so she buys one called Shalle to be her bodyguard. She sets on a journey to the royal capital to become a Silver Sugar Master and befriend Shalle.


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