Strongest Characters in The God of High School, Ranked!

The God of High School anime is filled with crazy strong fighters, some of whom are even the strongest in the world. Let’s find out who ranks on top in GOH.

GOH, by Yongje Park, has been one of the hottest manhwa-webtoon adaptations for years now. To nobody’s surprise, GOH was adapted into a TV anime recently by the Crunchyroll Exclusives.

I have been an avid anime watcher for a long time but never really got interested in the reading part – manga and webtoons – until Solo Leveling. Since there wasn’t an anime, I thought about starting it and absolutely loved it. My second choice, for obvious reasons, was The God of High School manhwa webtoon.

The God of High School | A Crunchyroll Original | OFFICIAL TEASER
The God of High School Official Teaser

I instantly fell in love with the main characters: Mori Jin, Daewi Han, Mira Yoo, and the entire plot. Episode 5 of The God of High School anime came out recently and brought up some cherished memories, so I started re-reading the GOH webtoon.

(In case you didn’t know, most of the webtoons are divided into seasons much like anime.)

After some breathtaking and jaw-dropping fights, I decided to compile this list of the top 20 strongest characters in The God of High School. Trust me; you will not be bored!

If you are thinking about why this particular list, then here’s my answer. This list does not contain any character that won’t be introduced in the anime. They are ranked according to their current power levels, which will be shown by anime’s last episode and will contain minimal spoilers. Enjoy!

20. Gi Gwim

Gi Gwim is one of the most interesting characters of the GOH series and a certainly unappreciated fighter. He uses a peculiar Borrowing Power, “Jack the Ripper,” which allows him to generate black blades for the offense.

strongest characters in the god of high school
Gi Gwim | Source: Wiki – Fandom

He first appeared in the God of High School National Tournament as the strongest in Chungcheongbukdo Province of Korea.

In the webtoon, he draws a short stick by matching up against Ilpyo Park in round 1 and loses instantly. Due to this, he never gets to show his true potential until later.

19. T (Sim Bongsa)

Sim Jeong-So, popularly known as Sim Bong-Sa or Executive T, is one of the 8 executives of Mujin Park that work closely with him. T is a battle-hardened swordsman and possesses superhuman-like strength like other executives.

strongest characters in the god of high school
Sim Bongsa | Source: Fandom

He is introduced as the Judge/announcer of the God of High School tournament for the Central team. Sim got his nickname Bong-Sa, which translates to ‘blind person’ in Korean, thanks to him being blind.

Later, in the manhwa, he teaches Mira about the ‘Way of Moon-Light sword style’ and confesses that it was a moon-light user who made him blind.

(Out of Context) Jin Mori Trolling the Announcer | The God of High School Episode 5
Announcer T trying to convince Mori

18. Drake McDonald

Drake McDonald is one of the three priests in the mysterious cult, Nox. He is a semi-skilled sword swordsman whose main strength lies in his GP. Drake’s borrowing power is the Caterpillar, which allows him to sew his body instantly.

This ability was shown during his fight with Executive Q when the later severely ripped Drake using his scythe. Using his Charyeok, Drake as able to sew his body and prevent his death more than once.

strongest characters in the god of high school
Drake McDonald | Source: GOH Wiki – Fandom

Drake belongs to the anti-humanist cult, Nox, and is by far one of the most hated characters in God of High School season 1.

17. Mira Yoo

Mira Yoo is one of the three protagonists of GOH and a user of the Moon-Light sword style. Yoo owns a National Treasure-grade sword, Bongseon, and her borrowed power is the legendary military general Yeoppo Bongseon (Lu Bu).

Mira Yoo vs Miseon Mah

Even though she is still a novice in Moon-Light sword style, her swordsmanship, in general, is well above experts. Mira also possesses good physical strength and excels in No-sword style (using her hands as a sword) – this was shown during her match with Miseon Mah. With this, when combined with her charyeok and sword, Mira was even able to defeat the Hojosa.

She is currently searching for a ‘good seed’ who should be THE strongest man among men. So, Mira can marry him, have a child, and fulfill her father’s wish to advance the Moon-Light sword style.

16. Daewi Han

Daewi is the second male protagonist of GOH manhwa and a Full-Contact Karate user, Kyokushin Karate. Han’s charyeok is the mythical Korean creature, Haetae. He has also shown great durability, indomitable will, and extreme physical capabilities.

He is usually calm and composed but has shown anger and excessive strength as the situation necessitates, especially when Daewi’s friends need them.

Daewi Han vs Seungcheol Baek

Being a Karate master, Daewi has always had overwhelming offensive capabilities but lacked in defense. This issue was solved when Han learns borrowed power and summons Haetae, whose water-attribute is on par with any shield in the God of High School.

Daewi’s strongest attack is ‘Dance of Four Gods,’ where he performs the following four moves to create a powerful force: Fist of the Black Turtle, Kick of the Red Phoenix, Dance of the White Tiger, and Wave of the Blue Dragon.

15. Priest Saturn

Priest Saturn is one of the three known priests in the Nox organization. She is often partnered with Priest Axley for the missions. Saturn uses a borrowed power called Sadie, which helps her manipulate shadows.

In addition to Sadie, Priest Saturn has the buff Divine Protection which gives the Nox members an edge over other humans under the taboo. She also uses a gun-based national treasure, which is yet to be named.

Priest Saturn is extremely powerful, having defeated multiple strong opponents in the God of High School series.

strongest characters in the god of high school
Priest Saturn and Axley | Source: GOH Wiki – Fandom

14. Priest Axley

Axley Ivanovic or Priest Axley is the strongest of three Priests introduced in GOH and partner of Priest Saturn. Axley’s borrowed power is the ‘Shield of Discrimination, ’ which looks like a pair of angelic wings.

Using his wings, Axley is able to perform a high-speed moment, fly, and as the name suggests shield himself from attacks. The shield part, however, is not one of the strongest in God of High School.

Axley also has the taboo edge over other humans and is the owner of a National Treasure grade sword – Durandal, which along with attack buff, also increases the strength of someone’s Charyeok (Borrowed Power) and is capable of teleportation.

13. Judge Q & R

Ranking #13 is a tie because Executive Q and Executive R are practically equal in strength as of God of High School Season 1, so it was harder to choose between them. Even their fighting record is 400 fights with 400 ties!

Jin Mori vs The Commissioner "Judge Q" Full Fight! The God of High School Episode 3 English Subbed
Judge Q vs Mori Jin

Judge Q

Judge Q is one of the 8 core executives who work directly with Mujin Park. He has superhuman strength and reflexes in addition to his ability to use playing cards as weapons.

He is the one who invited Daewi Han to the GOH. It is later revealed in the manhwa webtoon that Q is the direct descendant of the Joker bloodline. Hence he can channel their powers and use cards as weapons.

Judge R

Judge R is one of the 8 core executives who work directly with Mujin Park and the only one to know him since childhood. Executive R has superhuman speed and reflexes. His unknown ability allows him to manipulate wind to defeat his enemy with wind-based attacks.

Executive R is roughly as strong as Executive Q and has superhuman endurance like him. It is noteworthy that even though R was not at full power, Mori Jin was able to break his guard-hand with one kick.

R can use the wind to form arrows, small typhoons, and other wind-based attacks that could devastate anything in their path.

12. Judge S (Giju Moon)

Judge S, real name Giju Moon, is the leader of all executives and has a closer connection to Mujin Park as compared to the others.

S also wields a National Treasure sword, Walmung, which grants him both healing and attacking power. His borrowed power is “Paladin Siegfried,” who is the previous user of Walmung. He can attack, heal, and even summon lightning with Walmung.

He is the former disciple of Sung Gisa, a former member of ‘The Six,’ and a friend/acquaintance to Mujin Park. Moon got the scar on his eye when The Six fought Taejin Jin and got defeated.

11. Judge O

Executive O is the strongest of all the Judges in the series. He’s a dark-brown man of small stature and white hair who invited Mira to the tournament. O’s borrowed power is “Dragon Slayer,” which is technically not a borrowed power.

Judge O’s Dragon Slayer abilities allow him to subjugate and command dragons who choose to serve under O on their own free will. Being able to control dragons makes him too overpowered, to begin with. However, that’s not where it ends.

Judge O can form swords and shields using the dragon’s attribute. He also has superhuman strength and endurance as he fought his first dragon, Changsik, for seven days and seven nights straight before subjugating him.

Ps…Executive O can easily be interchanged with position #9. He is ranked #10 because of the lack of information about him.

10. Taek Jegal

Taek Jegal is the temporary antagonist of GOH season 2 and the chairman of Taek group. He is one of the top 3 contenders in the God of High School Nationals alongside Ilpyo Park and Mori Jin.

strongest characters in god of high school
Jegal Taek | Source: GOH Wiki – Fandom

Jegal’s borrowed power is the Megalodon, which allows him to create shark fangs out of thin air and attack people from anywhere in the form of spears. He has another ability, ‘Technique Mimicry,’ which allows him to steal and use other people’s Charyeok.

9. Hallyang Seo

Hallyang Seo is a member of The Six, called ‘Weapons Master,’ and the 27th President of the National Homeless Association (NHA). He uses his own martial arts style Hallyang Style Pumba.

Seo mostly uses his staff-like National Treasure, Gae Bolg. He is known as the Weapons Master because of his mastery of the 108 agonies – a combination of 108 national treasures. He is also a genuine fighter not a power borrower.

8. Ilpyo Park

Ilpyo Park is one of the good guys in The God of High School. He practices Ssamsu Taekkyeon martial arts, which is an advanced version of Taekkyeon using Re Taekwondo.

This fighting style was created by Ilpyo’s grandfather Iltae Park who learned Re Taekwondo while serving in the Korean army under Mori’s grandfather Taejin Jin.

Sometime during Ilpyo’s childhood, Taejin Jin passed the Ssamsu Taekkyeon and introduced him to Mori. Jin asked Ilpyo to take care of Mori as a big brother in case they meet.

Honestly, Ilpyo’s big brother characteristics to Mori, like teaching him the weaknesses of Re Taekwondo during their GOH match and asking Mori to call him big brother, are one of the cutest scenes in the webtoon.

7. Mori Jin

Mori Jin is the main character of the God of High School webtoon and a user of RE Taekwondo, short for Renewal Taekwondo. He is one of the strongest participants in the competition with impeccable fighting sense, physical strength, and in-depth knowledge of martial arts.

Mori’s strongest attack is Jin Hoe-chook, where he simultaneously kicks his opponent thrice on each side of the head and back. He is the adopted grandson of Taejin Jin, who created the strongest martial arts style – RE Taekwondo from its counterpart, ITF Taekwondo.

THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL - Episode 13 [English Sub]
Mori’s God Form

To quote Mujin Park from episode 13,

Unlike us, Mori’s power is not borrowed at all. He is a God in the flesh.

Mori Jin is the reincarnation of the great God Sun Wukong (aka Jaecheondaeseong or the Monkey King), and is one of the nine Heavenly Kings of Monster Realm.

As of season 1 of The God of High School, Mori’s true potential and strength are far from known; hence is ranked #7 on this list. In season 2, once he regains his memory, he’ll be in top 2.

6. Bongchim Nah

Bongchim Nah, also known as ‘The Divine Doctor,’ is a member of ‘The Six’ and one of the world’s best doctors. Bongchim practices his own martial arts-style, Needle-Ryu, derived from Chinese acupuncture, and is a genuine fighter.

He is strength is very close to Mujin Park and can easily outplace him for #5 as of GOH anime. However, later in the webtoon, after Taboo is broken, Mujin becomes far stronger than Nah.

strongest characters in the god of high school
Bongchim Nah | Source: GOH WIki – Fandom

After losing against Taejin Jin, Nah ate the godly fruit – Divine Pellet. He ordered Mujin to seal him in until he mastered his senses and controlled the fruit, which went on for 17 years until Mori unsealed him by mistake. (Classic Mori!!!)

Ps… this is a tiny spoiler but a worthy one – Bongchim takes Mori under his wind to teach him Needle-Ryu. It will be fascinating to see Mori being trained by his grandfather’s mortal enemy.

5. Mujin Park

Mujin Park, formerly Mu-Bong Park, is the creator of The God of High School tournament. Mujin has god-like prowess and is a power borrower. Mujin’s charyeok is Longinus or ‘Longinus’ Hand,’ which allows him to manipulate the gravity’s polarity.

He can generate enough gravity to destroy an island hundreds of miles away with a simple hand movement. (Please don’t tell me you thought it wasn’t Mujin!)

strongest characters in the god of high school
Mukin Park | Source: Crunchyroll

Along with his gravity-based power, Mujin Park has been training as a martial artist since early childhood and is officially one of the top 2 fighters in the world.

A lot is unknown about Mujin (and it will remain unknown for a long time) except that he is holding the GOH tournament to find the two ‘keys’ who will fulfill his goals.

4. Jaesan Jeon

Jaesan is a member of ‘The Six’ and the best magician in THe God of High School. He’s so good and skilled that he is also known as a ‘Living National Treasure.’ Jaesan’s borrowed power is ‘The Great Magician.’

The Great Magician’s true form was never revealed, but it is summoning-type Charyeok, which allows Jeon to perform nearly impossible tricks such as a barrier that remained unscathed even by Heaven’s army.

Jaesan Jeon is one of the most loved characters in Webtoon’s season 2, even more than Mori. He is a man of passion, care, and charisma who can outshine anyone.

3. Mandeok Sang

Excaliose Van Lagune Manjin Sang, originally Mandeok Sang, is the only known Bishop of Nox organization and GOH antagonist. He is extremely strong and kept three members of The Six in check during their fight.

Being a member of the Nox, Bishop Excaliose has access to the original way of borrowing power, which gives him an edge over other humans. His borrowed power is ‘God’s Blades,’ which allows him to summon blades/swords of any size to literally anywhere.

He is the ex-best friend of Mujin Park, who will be making his anime debut soon, and you guys are in for a rough ride. Even the strongest of the fighters will look like mere children in front of him.

Manjin is an extremist when it comes to God and believes his own ‘god-given authority’ to be superior to anybody else’s. Basically, he has a vast superiority complex!

2. Ungnyeo

Ungnyeo Kim is the founder-chairman and the strongest member of ‘The Six.’ She’s a mysterious woman whose powers rival even the gods. Ungnyeo’s borrowed power is ‘Trinity: The Gods of the Wind, the Rain, and the Clouds.’

The true extent of Ungnyeo’s power remains unknown to this day – her greatest feats include the ability to warp reality and her power getting acknowledged by Taejin Jin himself.

Yes, Taejin Jin, who never acknowledges anyone, not even the grand magician Jaesan, the prodigy Mujin, or the Divine Doctor Bongchim, acknowledged Ungneyo!

Kim is known to grant any wish whatsoever from healing, even lost limbs, and the rare power to bring the dead back to life. Due to her Charyeok, she can open interdimensional portals and has control over electromagnetic waves and other natural phenomena.

1. Taejin Jin

Taejin Jin is the strongest character in The God of High School series and the adoptive grandfather of Mori Jin. He practices his own martial arts – RE Taekwondo, and is said to be stronger than even the gods.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in The God of High School
Taejin Jin | Source: Crunchyroll

17 years before the current storyline, Taejin Jin fought The Six – the six strongest people in Korea. Jin is recognized as the unofficial ‘Special Human Cultural Asset’ – a person who is even stronger than ‘The Six.’

After fighting and losing to Northern-style ITF Taekwondo, Taejin Jin created his own martial arts – Renewal Taekwondo and currently holds unrivaled battle prowess.

Honorary Mentions:

There are two more characters that are going to be one of the strongest characters in the later parts but couldn’t cut the power requirements for round 1 of this list: Mansuk Gang and Seungcheol Baek.

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