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Strongest Bleach Characters So Far, Ranked! Is Ichigo The Strongest?

Bleach is part of the Holy tripartite of mainstream anime and the Bleach Universe is rich with strong characters and multiple worlds.

After weighing facts like their strongest moves, their power with reference to its setting. We have a list of the Strongest Bleach Characters for you guys.

10. Ichibei

Ichibei is a very powerful character but the anime-only fans never get a chance to see his real form.

ichibei strongest bleach characters

Ichibei, the commanding Shinigami of the Royal Guard holds the title of ‘Monk of Perception’. He has mastered Hakuda which is a close combat fighting style and Banshu Kanshu which allows him to perceive all creation.

9. Genryūsai Yamamoto

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto is the former Captain-Commander of the Gotei13 and the current captain of the whole Gotei13.

genryusai yamamoto strongest bleach characters

Yamamoto’s Bankai creates a smouldering sword that destroys anything it touches. The abilities Yamamoto possesses give him the stamina of an entire army. He can summon the charred corpse of anyone who has fallen to him in battle. 

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8. Toshiro Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya, youngest captain of the 10th division, was considered a child prodigy due to his natural talent and intellect.

toshiro hitsugaya strongest bleach characters

He holds immense spiritual power and has extremely good intuition in battle. Toshiro has control over ice and water. He incorporates creative methods to fight with the skills he possesses.

7. Gerard Valkyrie

Gerard Valkyrie is one of Yhwach’s imperial guards. He is also the heart of the Soul King.

gerard valkyrie strongest bleach characters

Gerard’s character is very violent which possesses immense spiritual powers that are greater than even a Captain-level Shinigami. One of Gerard’s most interesting techniques is his ability to manifest ‘Miracles’ through which he is able to give form to desires, feelings, thoughts of himself and those around him.

6. Hikone

Hikone is an artificial soul or an artificial Shinigami. They are in service to the Tsuyanashiro Family.

hikone strongest bleach characters

Hikone is so strong that they can break out of Sajō Sabaku with slight effort. Hikone possesses both Hollow and Quincy abilities which gives them a great advantage in the battle, making them a really strong character in the Bleach universe.

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5. Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi, the captain of the 11th division of the Gotei 13, is known to be the most violent captain.

Kenpachi wears an eyepatch which helps him control his strength while fighting. Kenpachi possesses some knowledge and skill in Kendō. Kenpachi’s spiritual powers are so potent that they’re unmanageable by him and require his eyepatch.

4. Sosuke Aizen

After leaving the Soul Society, Aizen was considered a God because of his powers.

sosuke aizen strongest bleach characters

Aizen is highly intellectual and is outstandingly good at manipulating others. From teleportation to swordsmanship, Sosuke has mastered it all. Sosuke can walk or stand on air as if it were ground. Aizen is hands-down the best in using Kido spells. His intellect also pours into his clever strategies for battle.

3. Ichigo Kurasaki

Ichigo is the main protagonist of the show and the abilities he possesses other than his immense spiritual power are all natural-born out of the hard work he put in for years.

strongest bleach characters so far

Ichigo has been trained in martial arts since he was a kid. Even without his Shinigami form, Ichigo is strong enough to smash a man’s head with his simple Kick. Ichigo has demonstrated quick reflexes and high speed in his conduct. He is also considered a quick learner.

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2. Yhwach

Yhwach is the son of the Soul King. Yhwach believes in peace and is a man who values Justice and Honor.

yhwach strongest bleach characters

Yhwach was born with the power of soul distribution. He also has the power of reabsorbing the part of the soul he has shared with others which makes him stronger. He can heal all the wounds just by sharing a piece of his soul with others. It includes physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

1. Soul King

The ruler of the Soul Society himself is considered the strongest character in the entire Bleach universe.

soul king strongest bleach characters

He lives in the Soul castle and is at all times protected by the Royal guard. Similar to his son Yhwach, the Soul King possesses ‘Precognition’an ability to look into the future. The Soul King’s only job is to regulate the flow of souls going in and going out of the soul society.

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